The Nutritional Contents of Cannabis Seeds and Their Health Benefits


When early Americans started cultivating the fertile landscape of the eastern United States, laws were implemented requiring many farmers to grow and harvest hemp, a strain of the cannabis plant. One reason for this was to obtain the plant fibers commonly used to make paper, clothing, rope and other textiles at the time.

Perhaps a more noteworthy reason for the cultivation of hemp was for the tremendous nutritional contents of the seed. Hemp was considered “a necessity to the wealth and protection of the country.” Of course, today, the growth and cultivation of anything related to marijuana is now all but illegal, both in the States and here in the UK.

But possession isn’t – and a growing number of Brits are choosing to incorporate wholesale cannabis seeds into their diet to enjoy its astounding health benefits. Many even consider it a superfood. Let’s take a look at what exactly a cannabis seed contains and how its nutritional contents can contribute to your wellbeing.

Understanding Cannabis Seeds

To clarify, there is no real nutritional difference between hemp seeds and cannabis seeds, even if the latter ends up growing into a plant that contains high amounts of THC.

This is because cannabinoids such as THC, the compound known for its psychoactive properties, do not exist in the seed. These compounds are only present in the stem, stalk, leaves and flower of the plant itself.

The same applies to other cannabinoids such as the popular CBD, as well as flavonoids, terpenes, etc. This is why cannabis seeds on their own aren’t used for therapeutic purposes. But what they lack in that department, they make up for in nutritional contents and general health benefits.

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Cannabis Seed Nutritional Analysis

The nutrition contained in a cannabis seed is quite frankly incredible. Starting with protein, cannabis seeds provide a complete source of the nutrient as they contain all nine essential amino acids. Since your body cannot produce these nine acids, it needs to obtain them from external sources. Very few plants are complete sources like cannabis seeds.

On the outer shell of a cannabis seed, you’ll find most of its fiber contents. This is why you should opt for seeds that still have their hull intact. But even without the shell, there’s still a considerable amount of fiber available. Around 35% of a cannabis seed is composed of essential fatty acids, including omega 3,6,9 and GLA.

As if that wasn’t enough, cannabis seeds also contain iron, copper, potassium, zinc, magnesium, folic acid, manganese, vitamin E and a number of B vitamins, including riboflavin, folate, thiamine and vitamin B6. Furthermore, cannabis seeds are highly digestible. You can eat them cooked, raw, shelled, unshelled… the sky’s the limit.

Consuming Cannabis Seeds

That said, you don’t need to eat them on their own. For instance, you can roast them and combine them with another healthy snack, such as kale chips, to make your own “superfood.” You can also put them in boiling water after roasting them. Then, add in some spices and you have your own non-psychoactive cannabis tea.

A simpler approach would be to simply sprinkle them over other meals, such as yogurt, salads, smoothies, quinoa, etc. You can even grind them up into a fine powder to use as a protein supplement, flour or milk. But how does all of this contribute to your wellbeing? Read on to learn about some noteworthy health benefits of cannabis seeds.

Heart Health

Cannabis seeds contain omega-3 fatty acids, which are believed to improve heart health and lower your risk of developing issues such as heart disease and arrhythmias. Additionally, cannabis seeds contain arginine. This is an amino acid that turns into nitric oxide, which helps keep your blood vessels and arteries in good condition.

Skin Conditions

Cannabis seeds also have anti-inflammatory compounds. Given that skin conditions such as acne and atopic dermatitis can result from chronic inflammation, it’s possible that cannabis seeds may help alleviate common symptoms.

Acne is linked to omega-3 deficiency, and we know that cannabis seeds are rich in omega-3. The rich plant fiber contents of cannabis seeds may also help with atopic dermatitis.


Healthful omega-3 and omega-6 ratios, such as those found in cannabis seeds, can help reduce inflammation.

This is also true for gamma-linolenic acid, a polyunsaturated fatty acid with anti-inflammatory properties. So, we know that this can benefit your skin, but the anti-inflammatory effects of cannabis seeds are far-reaching.

For instance, reducing inflammation can help with a number of chronic diseases. This includes metabolic syndrome, arthritis, heart disease, fatty liver disease, and type2 diabetes.

Weight Regulation

Cannabis seed-based diets have reportedly helped people regulate their weight. Being loaded with vitamins, minerals and nutrients, cannabis seeds can help people with a high BMI stay full and healthy throughout the day, allowing them to lower their weight. The same applies to those with a low BMI who want to gain weight.

Overall Nutrition

It’s clear that cannabis seeds provide an astounding amount of nutrition. This is even more significant when you consider that all of it is natural, unlike commercial multivitamins and dietary supplements that are usually made of chemicals. For most people, maintaining a completely balanced diet among their busy lives isn’t easy.

Cannabis seeds can help by tending to your nutritional needs and eliminating any deficiencies, ensuring that your overall physical and mental health is at its best. Since there are so many ways to consume them, incorporating cannabis seeds into your diet isn’t difficult, making them an easy way to stay healthy.

If you’re looking for a natural and reliable way to ensure that you’re getting everything your body needs from what you eat, cannabis seeds are a considerable option. Now that they’re legal to buy and own in the UK, there’s no better time than now to give them a shot.