Practical Ways To Limit The Effects From Excessive Screen Time


Electronic devices and digital screens have become a crucial part of everyone’s life.

From looking for first thing in the morning to sleeping while scrolling through the mobile, almost every task demands a tap on your cell phone, tablet, or laptop.

However, just like every ease comes at a cost, excessive screen time also causes a significant strain on your eye health in particular and physical vigor as a whole.

Therefore, to be careful with and how you use such technology, below are some practical ways to benefit you in the long run.

So, scroll down further, read till the end, and take a step forward in bringing a positive change regarding your better health.   

Maintain Safe Distance

One of the first ways to reduce screen time effects is to be careful of the distance between you and your digital buddy.

There’s no denying the truth that standing too close to a digital display causes negative effects for your eyes because your visual focus increases to see nearer things with more clarity, ultimately causing the strain on muscles and brain simultaneously.

Therefore, experts recommend that the ideal distance to view TV normally be between eight to ten feet.

It will help you enjoy your favorite shows from a safer and guilt-free distance.

Adjust The Brightness

As trivial as it may sound, sometimes the brightness of your monitor or TV can aggravate the screen time effects without you noticing them particularly.

Our eyes need proper and balanced availability of light, if not a natural one, from the surroundings in order to work in a healthy way without causing a burden or pressure on the veins and muscles.

Therefore, either turn on the lights of your space or adjust the digital screen’s brightness to the levels that suit you best. 

nursing smartphone

Take Breaks Often

The next thing you can do to tackle the screen time effects smartly is to take mindful breaks to relax your nerves and stretch your stiff shoulder muscles.

Just like when you keep working physically for long hours and get tired, the same is the case with your visual functioning.

When you keep staring at your mobile or laptop screens for too long, your eyes not only start feeling dry and irritating but also lose focus because of tiredness.

Therefore, to avoid such inconveniences, keep giving your eyes some rest and opt for options other than digital ones to spend your free time.

Protect Your Eyes From Blue Light

Everyone is well aware of how the trend of work from home has peaked in the past couple of or more years, right after the onset of the pandemic.

All of this has brought a dramatic change in almost everyone’s life, like, spending more time glued to the laptops or personal computers, staying indoors for most of the day, not being able to interact with people other than virtually, and the list goes on.

Therefore, when you are not left with many options to choose from and are bound to work for lengthy hours, blue light clip on glasses for screen time help you get relief from the uncomfortable side effects of continuous staring at the screens.  

No Mobile Before Bedtime

The damaging screen time effects are not restricted to your day’s working hours.

In fact, their impact increases twofold at night.

There are many reasons behind this: low-light surroundings during the night and impaired sleep hormone production, which ensures that your brain gets quality and deep sleep to wake up fresh the next morning.

Therefore, it is advised to make your bedroom a mobile-free zone or stop using any such devices before one hour of going to sleep.

It will help your sleep cycle keep going in a smooth flow, ultimately taking care of the quality of your rest time.

Track Your Time

The way today’s technology is designed, you shouldn’t feel guilty if you find using mobile phones too good to ignore.

However, to curb the screen time effects, there are some steps you can take for a healthy lifestyle.

One of them includes keeping track of your time and holding yourself accountable for not following the plan you have set for yourself.

Work On Good Health

Lastly, it all boils down to how physically and mentally fit and healthy you are to continue a mindful lifestyle.

This also means that nothing will work well unless you are taking care of the food you eat.

So, to reduce the screen time effects, make sure to maintain your intake of zinc, copper, vitamin C, vitamin E, etc.


There’s no doubt that screen time effects are not-so-pleasant. But things can be made good for yourself when used in a mindful way with the help of the right information.

Therefore, hopefully, the points mentioned above will surely benefit you in one way or another!