Keto Dog Food – Is a Keto Diet trend Harmful To Dogs?

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All fads come and go without leaving long-lasting effects. However, trends are much more impactful. Every trend suggests that our society is undergoing some kind of change. Diet trends are not an exception to this rule. They show how we become more self-aware and thoughtful.

Many people every year decide to lead healthier lives by trying out different food regimes. This fact, in turn, leads to the development and growth in popularity of diets for pets as well.

Before you decide on your dog’s diet, you first need to ensure that it is a good idea! Do not be afraid to consult a veterinary doctor or check a puppy growth calculator to learn how the diet can affect your dog.

Additionally, if you are interested in raw food and keto diets, you can find useful information in this article. If you are not sure you should feed your dog beef, read on.

Is a Keto Diet Harmful To Dogs?

The ketogenic diet is not harmful to dogs, as ketosis is a metabolic process naturally occurring in their bodies. It is merely one of the methods of producing energy.

Instead of burning glucose for energy (Glycolysis), a keto diet focuses on burning fat for energy (Ketosis). It can even be considered a more natural way of gaining nutrition than a standard diet in which we gain the strength we need from burning carbohydrates.

Ketogenic dog food is a healthy option you can consider for your fluffy friend. After all, dogs have eaten bones and meat since the dawn of their species!

Moreover, even we, humans, had to survive long periods of time without food. Consequently, this led to ketosis happening in our bodies, as it is a process that naturally occurs during fasting. Dogs share a very similar story.

By being a natural process, ketosis shows that a keto diet can be considered a healthy alternative to what we and our pets usually eat. It can provide every ingredient our body needs without a long list of negatives.

Additionally, there are various commercial ketogenic pet foods that you can choose from! With a good dietary plan, you can be sure that your dog will get all the needed protein and other necessary ingredients.

How Does It Work and What Are Its Main Benefits?

Every ketogenic and raw food diet focuses on two things: protein and fat. It means that it is usually grain-free and does not include large amounts of fruits and vegetables.

However, this is not a problem, as it can improve your dog’s health! For example, as research suggests, a low inflammation ketogenic diet can serve as an excellent cancer treatment. It is an important point as many dogs and cats suffer from this disease every year.

Moreover, you can use a ketogenic or raw diet to help your overweight pup! As it turns out, feeding your dog beef instead of vegetables may positively affect its weight.

As you can see, a sound ketogenic diet for dogs can bring various benefits. Many pet parents already tried it out with great success, and you can join them too!

Can You Start a Ketogenic Diet at Home?

Dog owners are sometimes worried about preparing ketogenic or raw food diets for their pets. However, with a reasonable approach, you should not be hesitant about feeding your dog homemade dog food.

You can find many dog food recipes online that you can use. Additionally, you can consult a dietary specialist to help you choose what high-fat food is the best for your dog. In some instances, you can even feed your pup some human food!

Remember that a ketogenic diet is high in fat, moderate in protein, and low in carbohydrates. Adjust what you put in your pup’s bowl to what other dogs eat on this diet.

Moreover, make sure that the raw meat you buy for your dog is high-quality! Remember, raw feeding does not mean that every high-protein piece of meat will do.

If you ensure that your pup consumes the raw dog food sufficient for its body size, you should have no problem balancing its nutrition.

Remember, raw diets can provide your dog with all the ingredients it needs! Consult a specialist before making any changes to your dog’s menu, and it should be fine.

The Bottom Line

Choosing the right pet food for your dog is crucial. After all, it puts the health of your beloved companion on the line. Naturally, this responsibility often feels unbearable, as you are probably not a dog nutrition expert.

In such a case, remember that there is a lot of free information online that you can use! For example, finding a useful dog food recipe is much easier in today’s age. Use it to your advantage!

Additionally, you can share your concerns with your local vet. Perhaps there is some better diet for your puppy than a ketogenic one?

Whichever decision you make, always consider what your pet needs. If you manage to do this, you should have no problems with finding a diet it will like. Good luck!