5 Delicious Snacks To Add To Your Keto Diet Plan

Fruit and vegetables

If there’s one type of meal that’s difficult to eat healthily, its snacks. Whether you’re a keto veteran or a newcomer to healthy eating, you probably know that finding a snack that’s tasty, convenient and healthy can be difficult. But it’s far from impossible.

There are a variety of easily prepared snacks that you can enjoy in between meals which are keto friendly. You can also consider taking a keto supplement for women with your daily meals. This will help you reduce any side effects and allow you to stick with your diet without a hitch. This means they’re high in healthy fats and rich in protein while containing none of those nasty sugars. Here are five delicious snacks that will help you reap the endless list of benefits that come with the keto diet.

Cheese Meatballs

There are few things in life more pleasurable than popping a ball of homely beef and juicy melted cheese into your mouth. Wrap a cube of your preferred cheese in some grass-fed beef and pan fry before leaving them to cool down a bit. They taste great both hot and at room temperature. Add some leafy greens for extra punch and healthiness.

There are several potential benefits to consuming meat snacks. High protein content: Meat snacks are often high in protein, which is an essential nutrient that helps build and repair muscle, among other functions. Convenience, Meat snacks are a convenient and portable option for on-the-go snacking, which can be especially useful for busy lifestyles or when traveling. Carnivore Snax has a list of different kinds of meat snacks.

Keto Protein Bars

If you’re short on time and need a quick fix before your next meal, look no further than a convenient, keto-friendly protein bar. These protein bars aren’t like your generic store-bought snacks that contain all the additives you don’t want in your system. With virtually zero carbs and no unwanted ingredients, keto bars are the way to go.

One thing to be careful about is that a lot of bars that are marketed as low-carb are not actually keto friendly, because they lack adequate amounts of healthy fats.

Look for more fat calories than calories from protein (or carbohydrates): aim for 50 to 60% fat. For more information, visit Human Food Bar.

Fat Head Nachos

This unique pizza-style combination of greens, sauces, and meat is unlike any other. Instead of traditional nachos, you’ll be using a Fat Head pizza crust and combining it with cilantro, cumin, and chili for extra punch.

Incorporate Mexican flair with jalapeno, salsa and the always faithful guacamole for an explosion of flavors. Add your favorite cheeses and ground beef to give it a taste of home.

Avocado Deviled Eggs

Unlike your typical deviled eggs, which are loaded with unwanted ingredients, these tasty slices of goodness contain no harmful oils and additives. Instead, you’ll be incorporating avocado with a variety of spices, including pepper, garlic, chili powder, smoked paprika, cumin, cilantro and sea salt.

This way you’ll get the creamy texture of mayonnaise without all those nasty GMO’s. Instead, you can enjoy the vitamin K, fiber, protein, vitamin C and folate of the avocado.

Bulletproof Hot Chocolate

For cold winter days when the harmful effects of coffee and the subtlety of tea simply don’t do it, there’s bulletproof hot chocolate. You won’t find any harmful sugars or additives here, nor will you be consuming many carbs.

Instead, you’ll enjoy the health benefits of coconut milk, cocoa powder, vanilla extract, cinnamon, and unsalted butter. A bit of preparation and the end result is a rich, creamy and slightly frothy mix of warm, wholesome ingredients that will keep you warm through even the harshest cold front.


It all comes down to doing your research and ensuring that what you’re cooking up is compatible with your diet. If this list is anything to go by, you can rest assured that everything will be as tasty as the best store-bought snacks, without the health consequences. Also make friends with your local butcher as they help you out with some off-menu suggestions!