Intimate Surgery on the Rise

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The list of top cosmetic surgeries has remained constant throughout the past few decades, with breast augmentation, liposuction, and nose reshaping usually occupying the top positions in terms of popularity. However, one speciality that is often discussed only by clients and their plastic surgeon has actually risen greatly in popularity over the past decade: intimate surgery. Patients are seeking aid with a part of their body that may not be exposed 24/7, but which can cause anguish and discomfort to human beings. Below is a list of intimate surgeries that are slowly but surely becoming more mainstream.

Vaginal Tightening

Childbirth, age, genetics, and various medical conditions can cause vaginal laxity and a reduction of muscle tone. Vaginoplasty surgery is a way to increase firmness and tightness via surgical alterations to the vaginal canal, the vaginal muscles, and the perineum. The effect is not only to tighten the vagina, soft tissues, and surrounding muscle, but also to improve vaginal sensation and function. This surgical procedure is often accompanied by non-surgical radiofrequency treatments, which further tighten and rejuvenate the vaginal area.

Penis Girth Enhancement

Many men wish to increase the girth of their penis—a goal that can be achieved via autologous fat transfer. The latter involves taking fat from an unwanted part of the body, placing this fat through a centrifugal machine, and injecting it into the shaft of the penis for greater thickness. Approximately 20-50ml of fat is injected, which can result in a 20% gain in girth.

Penis Lengthening

Penile lengthening surgery is performed by cutting the ligament that pins the penis to the pelvic bone. This can add between one and four cm to the length of the penis. The reason for the variation in the length increase is because the surgeon cannot ascertain the outcome prior to the operation. It is only by opening up the area that the number of centimetres hidden inside the body can be viewed. Usually, penis lengthening surgery is accompanied by girth enhancement so that both length and thickness are addressed.

Scrotal Lift

An increasing number of men are requesting that the amount of scrotal skin be reduced. When there is excess skin in this area, it can cause sagging of the testicles, which can be uncomfortable when one is partaking in sports or when the weather is warm. Some patients also request this procedure , so they can feel more comfortable or rejuvenated when they are naked. The procedure is actually a simple and effective one that involves removing excess scrotal skin.

Intimate surgery may not make it to the top five list of most popular surgeries, but it is increasingly being sought out by men and women. Procedures such as vaginal tightening can improve functioning, while others (such as a labiaplasty) can remove excess skin in the vaginal area. Men also have a wide array of procedures to choose from, including penile enhancement and scrotal lift surgeries.