Important Things That You Should Know about Men’s Wooden Bands


There are many varieties of men’s bands available in the market but finding a unique one that completely fits you and that too within an affordable range can be a bit difficult. Bands made of gold, platinum, diamond, etc are already popular but they are not always affordable. Various bands of other materials are coming up in the market and are gaining popularity such as titanium bands, wooden bands, tungsten bands, etc. These bands are not only popular but also affordable and unique. And out of all those especially wooden bands are more unique as they are either entirely made of wood or have a wood inlay.

Symbolic Meaning of Wooden Bands

According to findanyanswer, wood represents salvation. It is the most valuable material on earth and it develops a spiritual connection between people and the Divine. In many cultures, wood is considered to be the symbol of life, longevity, and strength. This symbolism makes wood a perfect material for wedding bands symbolizing love, and long-lasting relationships. 

The durability of Wooden Bands

No matter what type of band you are buying, its durability solely depends on its design and finish. Wooden bands can easily last for years even more than some popular tougher metal bands with a proper protective coating, and periodic cleaning. 

Best Wood for Making Wooden Bands

There are many types of wood known to us but the best wood to use for wood men’s rings is hardwood. Few examples of hardwood are birch, oak, elm, maple, walnut, poplar, etc. Besides hardwood, softwood can also be used for making wooden bands. Softwood is mainly used to make inlay wooden bands because the material surrounding the band protects the wood portion. Inlay bands are mainly focused on style and appearance, so for inlay bands, designers prefer materials that can completely blend with the color scheme and style of the band.

Do Wooden Bands Get Wet?

It is preferred to protect wooden bands from long-term exposure to moisture as much as possible, so many of them have a varnish, or epoxy over their top. People tend to be rougher with metal bands as they are more resilient, but while wood is also durable, long-term exposure to moisture can affect its durability so you must be careful to protect its finish and etching. It is recommended to take your wooden bands off before swimming or shower. If you have to deal with water frequently in your workplace then you should take it off as well. In a nutshell, these wedding rings are durable but frequent and long-term exposure to moisture can deteriorate their durability. 


These are the 4 important facts that you must know about men’s wooden bands. They are not resizable so you must be very accurate with your finger size while ordering one.