How You Can Stop Your Vaper’s Cough


According to Public Health England, vaping is considered as healthier alternative to the traditional tobacco cigarette smoking as it does away with most of the negative factors such as ingestion of tar.

The UK government has been at the forefront in encouraging its citizens to take up vaping as an alternative to tobacco cigarette smoking as a means to tame the habit and have a healthier population.

Despite this good news however, there are those who still find it difficult adjusting to vaping and end up coughing more than they used to when smoking the traditional cigarettes.

How to avoid coughing as a Vaper

For beginners here are some of the measures that you should take in order to avoid coughing when you decide to take up vaping.

Always Regulate your Air flow

Massive airflow always contributes a lot to coughing as you tend to draw too much vapor which overload your throat and lungs, making you cough. Choosing a vaporizer that has an airflow setting is therefore, always a good option if you don’t know how to do it on your own.

Use less Nicotine

The amount of nicotine you ingest is always a huge factor. The more the nicotine the juice contains, the rougher the throat hit will be for you. Those who enjoy nicotine will not be bothered much by this, but, for the rest it will always result in coughing. You should, therefore, always know the amount of nicotine that is contained in the product.

Watch the PG levels

The amount of Propylene glycol (PG) in the e liquid is a huge factor when it comes to coughing. Vape juices with more than 60% PG tend to make people cough and should thus be avoided.

Watch your wattage

Experienced vapers, especially cloud chasers always enjoy the huge amount of smoke that they are able to exhale and will therefore, crunk up the wattage on their vape mods when necessary. However, fun this may sound, it is not recommended for inexperienced vapers as it will lead to more nicotine production and hotter vapor which can make you cough if you are not used to it.

Take your time

If you are learning how to quit smoking, then it is equally important to give your lung some time to heal. There is always a chance that cough during vaping is as a result of lungs that had weakened while you were still smoking tobacco cigarettes. It is thus not bad to take your time or start simple with mini e-cigs.

Inhale properly

How you inhale directly affects whether or not you will cough. When you inhale smoke directly into your lungs you are more likely to end up coughing. If you prefer this kind of inhaling, then it is advised that you used high wattage with little resistance to avoid coughing.   

By follow this guide you are less likely to end up coughing during your vaping sessions. You can visit for more information.