Alternative Nicotine Delivery Systems: 6 Important Facts

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It is no secret that there are a lot of health complications that come with smoking tobacco. Cigarettes have been associated with some very serious illnesses for decades now, yet much of the world still loves to light up and smoke several times a day. This is largely due to the nicotine content of a cigarette. This substance is craved by millions and they get their fix from smoking. But there is a better way. You can now purchase an alternative nicotine delivery system to get your hit. These products do not burn nor contain tobacco, so they are a much cleaner and safer alternative to smoking. We will now explain these products in more detail with 6 important facts.

1. No Combustion, No Smoke

First, and very importantly, alternatives to smoking tobacco for your nicotine hit do not involve the combustion of tobacco and the production of smoke and dangerous toxins. By opting for a heated cigarette device in place of a real cigarette, you are sparing your lungs and throat from the damage associated with inhaling these dangerous chemicals. Your respiratory health will be significantly better off as a result.

2. No Tar

What’s more, heated sticks are a safer source of nicotine than cigarettes as cigarettes deposit tar into your lungs. Tar is not one chemical, but a mixture of harmful substances. The dangerous chemicals in the tar in cigarettes are what lead to lung and throat cancer in smokers. Having an alternative source of nicotine that does not contain this tar could save your life.

3. Cleaner and Safer than Smoking

There is a huge range of other health issues that can arise from smoking cigarettes, such as sight problems, gum disease, blood clots, strokes, heart attacks, and more. The list seems endless. Alternative sources of nicotine are not toxic and therefore keep your body clean of deadly chemicals. This is the safer and more sensible option for you and those around you. There is no second-hand smoke when there is no smoke at all. Save your loved ones and make this healthy change.

4. No Bad Smell

Nobody actually chooses to smell like stale old smoke, but unfortunately, this is often a side-effect of having a smoking habit. Your hair clings to the smoke smell, as well as your clothes and any soft furnishings in your home. This can result in you having a permanently bad smell associated with your company, which can be negative for your social and personal life. Moreover, simply for your own comfort, you would rather live in a fresher-smelling environment than a smokey one.

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5. Range of Flavours

Now to the fun stuff! If you choose to try out heated alternative cigarette products as a source of nicotine, you can choose from a range of delicious flavors. There is coffee, menthol, blueberry, mojito, and the original flavor, which is slightly floral. This is a great incentive to give up smoking and start enjoying fresher, healthier, and cleaner vapor in the flavor of your choice.

Moreover, there are different colors to pick from as well. You can buy a metallic green, blue, rose, or gray stick and make your no-smoke smoking habit stylish. Why not have a heated cigarette alternative device that matches your personal style?

6. Cheaper than Cigarettes

Finally, you can save money by saying goodbye to cigarettes and tobacco and saying hello to alternatives. A TEO heated no-tobacco cigarette device can deliver four times the usage time of other brands, and one charge will heat up to twenty sticks. This can save you a lot of money as well as time and effort.

You simply need to make a one-off payment for the TEO device and then replace the sticks once you need them. This is much less economically binding than a cigarette smoking habit. The financial benefit of making this switch is almost as appealing as the health advantages!


Hopefully, this list of 6 important facts about alternative nicotine delivery systems has encouraged you to try to quit your smoking habit and make a move toward a cleaner and safer alternative. Heated sticks are a far better source of your nicotine, as they do not burn tobacco, so they produce no smoke, tar, or bad smells. Moreover, they do not cause the myriad of health issues associated with cigarettes. They come in a range of great flavors and they are a cheaper habit than smoking cigarettes. The list of reasons to make this change is very compelling! Try out a heated stick today to see what you think.