5 Medicines To Cure Cough


While an infrequent cough is quite normal, repetition of coughs that perseveres might indicate an underlying health condition. Coughs are often a defensive reflex action that helps clear foreign bodies from the airways or the extreme secretions. Nevertheless, frequent and severe coughing can considerably affect your overall quality of life.

If the chronic persistent wet cough is left without any treatment, it can often lead to lung ailments or damage, including bronchiectasis. Any further complications affecting the cilia lines can lead to more respiratory health risks than you think, irrespective of age. It is imperative to drill down to a safe pathway to medication for cough treatment. Here are the top five cough remedies you can count on in terms of cure, safety, and availability. 


Kratom has plenty of reasons to be placed on the top of the list. You might be wondering that this sounds a bit odd compared to the cough medications. According to research, this recreational drug has made it long to treat health conditions like body ace, chronic ailments, anxiety, headache, and colds. 

Kratom has been among the most effective herbs to positively and significantly impact both physical and mental health for years. Medical science and research have proven to be much more than just a recreational drug in recent years. Since it is a hundred percent natural solution, there are no boundaries of usage and long-term side effects. 

It can be pretty odd and challenging for people to use the raw versions of kratom as you will find a range of strains. This is an excellent platform that provides you with a wide range of kratom-based health solutions and supplements without you having to put too much mind into it. From capsules, leaves extracts to powders, you can get any kratom supplement here.


Duchefa Farma B.V. from the Netherlands has served a range of medical bodies with their wide-spreading invention, Guaifenesin. This medication is often made famous by its brand name, Mucinex, and is a rare OTC expectorant available in the market for helping symptoms of cold and cough. It not only relieves symptoms of cough temporarily but also helps in clearing chest congestion effectively. 

Any chest congestion with heavy mucus and pseudoephedrine can be relieved greatly with the help of Guaifenesin. The medical report says that this medicine has been immensely influential on patients suffering from cough and cold. Medication of these kinds always works best when consumed with a good amount of water or any natural fluid.


It is yet again another cough suppressant that can powerfully impact the human brain’s signals that usually trigger the coughing reflex. This medical drug is used for treating coughs and is often available all over the nation. You can get this drug available in the form of capsules, syrups, lozenges, sprays, and tablets. Dextromethorphan is also available in several over-the-counter as well as prescription combination medicines. 

One must keep in mind that it is not suitable for children under the age of four. The dosage for an adult shall vary based on the formulation of the drug. The maximum limit of dosage as per medical estimation for this drug is 120 ml in twenty-four hours.


Pseudoephedrine is a popular OTC medication accredited firmly by medical professionals to control chest and nasal congestion symptoms. This is a potent medication consumed orally as prescribed by health experts to help patients with bronchitis symptoms, chest cough, whooping cough, and post-viral cough. Reports say that this drug provides a rapid solution to cough problems. 

Nevertheless, health experts also reported that one must go for a second check before consuming this medication if they have any cardiac health history or high blood pressure. Like any other drug, this drug also has specific side effects: hyperactivity, irritability, and jitteriness. This is not something you need to worry about as the side effects are mild and temporary. 


This piece started with a gift from Mother Nature that could help in curing your cough. The list ends with one as well, but with a compelling one. Peppermint is not only used naturally but a wide range of cough-curing candies, medications, and syrups used for manufacturing purposes today. Its leaves are trendy for their healing properties and are the fastest solution for itchy and clogged airways. 

Peppermint is an active ingredient in many cough-curing medicines and acts as a decongestant for breaking down mucus blocks. People prefer consuming peppermint in tea, oil, liquid, capsules, and other edibles. Some also prefer using peppermint essential oil in their steam bath to relieve the symptoms of mild fever, cough, and cold. 

The Bottom Line

The medications mentioned above do not come with risks and side effects. It is essential to make sure that you take a second opinion from your doctor if you have any underlying health conditions. Whether you choose a medication or a herbal remedy, you must clarify the dosage and instructions before you start using it abruptly. Also, you can try cannabis seeds which are best used to get relief from chronic cough. You can buy barneys farm seeds at seedmasters.

As per medical surveys, external factors, environmental exploitation, and air pollution have recently been a curse for the human respiratory system. Hence, any cough or cold symptom that remains longer than usual must be treated with medications. You can check out the cough as mentioned above therapy options for that.