How to Start Living A Healthier Lifestyle

happy healthy woman

Whilst during covid, many of us became more focused on our lifestyles and building healthy habits. Not only can living a healthy lifestyle improve our physical health, it can also have significant benefits on our mental health. Here are some of the best ways in which you can start to live a healthier lifestyle today. 

Water, water, water

It’s critical to drink enough water each day for your health. By drinking enough water, you can avoid being dehydrated, which can lead to impaired memory, alter your mood, cause your body to overheat, and result in constipation and kidney stones. Another great benefit to water is that it has zero calories, therefore it can assist with weight management and loss. Other key benefits include helping your body to regulate temperature, lubricate your joints, protect your bones and reduce dry skin. 

Cooking from home 

When you cook from home, you are able to know exactly what you are eating. This makes it easier to watch your calories, and eat a balanced diet. Research has found that the average takeaway contains 1200 calories, so cooking yourself can help you to control portions and opt for the healthiest options available. Cooking can also be a fun and relaxing hobby to enjoy, either on your own or as a family. Why not invest in some new cooking equipment, such as a wok to make quick and easy stir-fries, or a new knife set to speed up preparation? Making jobs as easy as possible always makes them more enjoyable!   



Exercise has great benefits for our physical and mental health. Why not start going to the gym , whether this be with friends or on your own? If you have a dog, try to get out on as many walks as you can and enjoy the fresh air and nature surrounding you.  The NHS recommends that you aim to do 150 minutes of exercise a week, which is very achievable if you break it down. 

Make sure to get enough sleep 

Improving our sleeping patterns is something that many of us need to work on. Have a think about what is keeping you from getting the minimum of seven hours of sleep each night that we already know we require. Consider how you might want to change your routine, so that you are not disturbed in your sleep.  A lack of sleep can exacerbate medical issues, and have a bad impact on your attitude, drive, and energy levels.