What’s So Great About CBD-Infused Drinks?

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CBD-infused drinks have grown rapidly. Individuals make use of these drinks to reduce stress as well as for entertainment purposes, too. Here is why people now prefer CBD-infused drinks over other drinks.

What Are CBD-Infused Drinks?

CBD-infused drinks refer to any drink that contains “cannabidiol”. Each CBD-infused drink is created according to the type of product itself e.g. sodas, teas, etc. Generally, all of them follow their usual process and are then finally infused with CBD.

How Are CBD-Infused Drinks Made?

CBD drinks are made by infusing water with CBD particles. The result is a canned, generally sparkling drink that’s similar to flavoured sparkling water or a spiked seltzer.

Three types of CBD can be infused with water to make CBD drinks:

CBD table

What’s So Great About CBD-Infused Drinks?

You can try OTO CBD Drinks as these contain 100% natural CBD isolates and are THC free. The greatest thing about CBD-infused drinks is their health benefits as CBD is known to:

  1. Relieve Pain: CBD may help relieve pain related to knee osteoarthritis (1), nerve (2), back (3), cancer (4)(5), and fibromyalgia(6) (a condition that causes pain all over the body).
  2. Reduce Symptoms of Mental Health Disorders: CBD is great for physiological and emotional stability as it may help manage the symptoms of anxiety (7)(8)(9)(10), depression (11)(12), mood disorder (13) and post-traumatic stress disorder (14)(15).
  3. Help You Fall Asleep: CBD may help you fall asleep by positively affecting the sleep-wake cycle (16), reducing anxiety levels (17), and treating sleep-related problems (18)(19)
  4. Benefit Heart Health: CBD may benefit people with high blood pressure (20)(21)(22).
  5. Helps Energy and Focus: CBD promotes wakefulness in many people (26).

Keynote: Please note that all the above research studies are related to CBD. There is no research yet that supports CBD-infused drinks to help treat any condition. 

Another great thing about CBD-infused drinks is their controlled CBD dosage. CBD drinks contain 15mg to 25mg of pure CBD dosage in each drink. It will help you precisely determine how much CBD dosage you want.

What To Look For In CBD-Infused Drinks?

Before purchasing CBD drinks for you, make sure to carefully check these aspects. 

  • Make Sure It’s THC Free: CBD-infused drinks are safe to consume but if your drink contains THC, there might be a risk of intoxication. 
  • Look For CBD Isolate-Based Drinks: It means your drink should contain pure CBD extracts.
  • Look For A Specified Dosage Of CBD: Grab a drink that contains a specified amount per serving e.g. 25mg of pure CBD.