How to Improve Employee Health and Safety

Working office

When you have a business, you want to keep your employees healthy and safe. Their well-being is vital for your company’s success. Your workers will work hard for you if they know you value their health and safety above all else. As such, you should empower your staff by creating a safe, healthy work environment.

There are many things you can implement every day in your office, job site, or factory to improve worker health and safety. These health and safety tips will reduce injury and boost morale in the workforce. Your ultimate objective is to ensure that everyone enjoys their workday in a location with a carefully considered workplace design without injuries or accidents.

Here are some of the best ways to improve your staff’s health and safety in the workplace:

Have Ongoing Health & Safety Training

Your employees come to work with particular skill sets that benefit your operation. That’s why you hired them. In turn, you need to make sure they understand any hazards while on the job and know safety protocols for when accidents happen. This comes from health and safety training.

For new hires, you must have a safety orientation that explains the work environment they will be in and your company’s safety policies. During this orientation, make sure they comprehend all information so they are safe and you are not liable for any problems down the road. 

Conduct weekly, or daily if necessary, health and safety meetings with all employees to keep everyone up to speed on any new procedures. The meetings also serve as a refresher to existing operations. Specialized training should be available for those interested and for jobs that require it.

Inspect Your Workplace for Health Hazards

You may run a manufacturing company, an office, or have workers in the field. In all scenarios, the job site must be safe. Before employees start work in any location, it should be inspected and deemed safe. 

Trip hazards, excess debris, unsafe equipment, and other issues need to be corrected to avoid putting your employees in danger. A chemical compliance software will help you ensure the safety of your employees. Have your managers or lead hands regularly inspect all work areas because things get moved around quickly at work. New safety concerns pop up all the time if you aren’t careful.

Workplace injury

Give Employees the Right Health & Safety Equipment

Regardless of the business, you should have the right tools for the job. This ensures a safe work environment as well as increases production. The most dangerous work hazards are faulty machinery and malfunctions. Have a maintenance schedule for any equipment you use. 

Regular servicing and cleaning of machinery and equipment will keep you and your employees safe. It will also set an example for all staff to follow.

Have a Work Exercise Policy

This is not about making sure your employees go to the gym or get 1000 steps in per day. Some of the most successful companies implement a warm-up routine and periodic breaks for their employees. Depending on their type of job, some employees should stretch before work, including various joints in the arms, legs, neck and back. Others need to take breaks and walk around the office to keep limber and ease muscle tension. 

These types of exercise can reduce injures while on the job because you are keeping them active and stretching out their body. It may seem unnecessary, but you want the best for your employees. Make it fun and get them involved in these breaks as this will boost morale and keep them alert to do their jobs.

Investigate Accidents and Keep Records

When any accidents occur, even if they are minor, do a complete investigation to determine the causes. It could be mechanical malfunction or human error, so both need to be addressed and corrected. This way, you can identify hazards and change work procedures to keep people safe.

Maintain good records of these accidents, including first aid treatment, an inspection report, the procedure and results from the investigation and the plan for implementing health and safety changes. If any other similar accidents occur, you can refer to these records to ensure everything was done properly. They may also come in handy if any legal action is taken against you.

You and your safety team can’t be everywhere. Since your workers are on the front line, they are conscious of any unsafe work conditions or other employees cutting corners. Encourage them to report these health hazards. 

Keep an Open Dialogue

Make sure there is a safe environment for employees to talk to management about health and safety issues. There can’t be any fear of reprimand when staff report unsafe work issues because if they don’t feel like they can come to you, the problems won’t get fixed.

Build strong relationships with all your employees, making it clear that health and safety are your priority. Implement a reward system for safe behaviour so that it encourages workplace safety. Keeping your employees engaged will help reduce injury and build trust between everyone.

Your goal is always to take care of your employees. Without a healthy staff, there is no business. Having a robust health and safety program at your workplace will take care of everyone. Make it a priority from the start, and your workers will enjoy their workday knowing you’re doing your best to protect them from harm.