How much energy does the human body need?


Every human being needs a certain energy level to perform his day to day tasks like walking, standing up, sitting down or even starting a conversation. This energy count does not remain the same for everyone and depends on certain constituents. EER (Estimated Energy Requirement) is a measure of energy needed to retain balance in the life of an individual. The calculation is done by taking into account some key factors including age, gender, physical activity level and weight. The EER nutrition on the other hand, defines the diet that an individual should take to have that energy. Therefore it is important to have an accurate value of EER so that a correct diet plan can be constructed.

A good EER calculator provides you with exact energy figures

The food that a person co should be according to the EER value he has. In this way, he would be able to perform all daily tasks without any deficiency. A reliable EER calculator comes in handy for ordinary people as well as fitness experts.  Here is how you can know about the correct energy levels by using this tool.

Select gender and enter age, height and weight

The value of estimated energy requirement is calculated on the basis of some key inputs. Hence, to use the tool and determine results, select your gender and provide values of age, height and weight. Let us suppose that you are a male of age 32, weight 122 lbs, and height 6ft. Once you are done with these values, you can move on to the next stage.

Selection of appropriate physical activity level

The physical activity level that an individual has impacts the energy which he needs to go through the course of the day. Someone who is not physically active may have the “sedentary” level. A fitness expert on the other hand would have the “very active” level. This selection has an effect on the energy consumption an individual has so it should be done correctly. Consider that an individual has a “low active” activity level.

Resulting value produced by the EER calculator

An output value will be produced by the tool on the basis of inputs provided. In accordance with the inputs that have been written above, the value of EER will be 2430 calories per day. This means that the EER nutritionshould include this calorie count so that all the tasks can be completed without any kind of exhaustion.

The correct EER is important for diet selection

Depending on the tasks that you have to accomplish on daily basis, the diet options have to be selected accordingly. The estimated energy requirement reveals the calories which you need to intake for going through the day smoothly. In addition to that, knowing about the EER value also helps in overconsumption of calories. For instance, if you need 1200 calories per day, choose meals that do not go beyond it. In other words, if your daily diet plan has a calorie count of 2000, make some reductions to avoid obesity.

Intake of calories below and above the required limits both has harmful effects. You can get tired if you are consuming fewer calories than the EER value. Similarly, people end up with more body fat if the consumption is beyond the benchmark.

Why shouldn’t you calculate EER manually using the formula?

Is it actually helpful to use the EER calculator and determine the required value? Why shouldn’t users use the formula and determine EER manually?

Manual calculations are time consuming. For instance, if you are monitoring your daily diet, you would have to sit with a pen and paper everyday to determine values. Why do you need to take so much trouble when a helpful online tool can complete the same task?  These tools do not require any mathematical expertise and they are free. Hence, there is no need to know the formula inside out or spend money for calculation purposes. More than anything, you can determine the correct value without putting in hours or effort.

How important is EER for fitness professionals?

Professional body builders and fitness experts have to keep a check on the calories they consume. Overconsumption can spoil their body shape. Therefore, the EER value is an important factor for them. These professionals usually use EER calculator while making their diet plans. The plans comprise of the food intake they have as well as the workout plans. Through the calculators, they set a maximum limit of calorie intake. In addition to that, they include the meals according to that limit.

The physical fitness that these professionals have acts as bread and butter for them. Therefore, they need to keep a good check on the EER value. The best way in this case is using an online calculator as these fitness experts do not have the time to learn formulae and use them correctly. For them, only the accurate EER values are important.


There is an energy count that an individual needs to run through the day and complete all the desired activities. Using theEER calculatoris the most accurate and effortless way to determine it. The tool considers important parameters like age, gender and height to produce results. It is much easier to use it instead of opting for manual calculations.

Is the EER value important for every individual? The answer to this question is yes. It holds important for anyone that wishes to live a healthy life style. Particularly when you talk about fitness experts, they have to keep a check on the calories being consumed. The estimated energy requirement helps them in preparing a healthy diet plan. If a meal is adding calories beyond the required limit, it can be removed. Similarly, if the count is less than the EER deduction, meals will higher calorie counts can be added.

To lead a healthy life style, you need to have a balanced calorie intake. People usually get obese when they are not physically active and consume loads of calories.