How Long Does Kratom Stay Fresh?

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Kratom powder and teas are made from crushed kratom leaves from the jungles of Southeast Asia. Just like any other tea or powder that is plant-based, it is important to know its shelf life so you would not make the mistake of consuming something that is no longer potent and safe. Kratom is widely used in Asia but it is yet to gain followers here in the US. Thus, there is not much information available about it, especially in how long does kratom stay fresh? Substances that are made from organic and plant-based materials have a short shelf-life and the same is true for kratom. The powder made from crushing the dried leaves of kratom will stay fresh for 1 to 3 months after opening the bag of kratom, but it is highly advised that one consumes kratom in the first month or so. In this way, you will be sure that it is in its optimum state and that you will reap the benefits of consuming the herb. After 3 months, opened kratom powder has to be thrown out as it is no longer potent or safe and it may be prone to reacting to the air, moisture, and sunlight in your home that affects its freshness. A key component found in kratom that makes it very popular includes mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine which are alkaloids that can be destroyed by exposure to light, oxygen, and moisture. Thus, you need to know how to handle kratom properly so that you can continue to use it every day. Read on to know more about how to store and use kratom powder. 

When Buying in Bulk

If you use kratom daily, buying in bulk may prove to be cost-effective, as we all know that it is more expensive to produce individual packets than those in bulk. However, knowing how long kratom stays fresh will help in deciding whether it is indeed cheaper to buy in bulk or not. When you buy in bulk, you need to be able to properly store and handle your kratom powder so that it will not lose its potency. If you do not consume kratom daily, then it is probably better to buy it in small packets so that you only use what you need at a given time. It would be such a waste to throw out a bag or jar of kratom powder because it has turned bad. On the other hand, most users would rather buy in bulk to save on shipping costs, but you need to weigh whether it indeed translates into savings or not. But if almost everyone in the family uses kratom regularly, then buying in bulk would make the most sense, especially since you have to order it overseas. Whether to buy in bulk or not, your kratom powder has to be handled correctly to prevent it from going bad and eventually thrown out because it is no longer ingestible. 

Storing Kratom Correctly 

Once you open a bag of kratom powder, you need to think about how long does kratom stay fresh enough for you to enjoy it. It is best to store kratom powder in an air-tight glass container that is preferably amber-colored. It has to be stored in a cupboard or pantry that is dark and the glass jar itself should not be exposed to sunlight or any form of light. When sunlight and UV lights penetrate the kratom powder, it can destroy the alkaloids that the powder naturally contains, thereby rendering it ineffective. No one would be happy to ingest something that will not give them any health benefits at all.

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You need to use the most appropriate size of the glass jar in relation to the amount of kratom powder that you have. Using a too large or too small container will introduce air and moisture to the powder and you would not want any of that. A too-large container means that a large amount of air can be trapped in the container when you open and close it after each use, and the introduction of oxygen to the powder can affect its color and taste. A smaller container would also mean that the kratom powder would overflow and every time you open the lid, it will easily come in contact with the ambient air in the room or kitchen. Do not use plastic containers as the materials in the plastic can react with the powder and affect its taste and potency too. So, before your order of kratom powder arrives, make sure you have the correctly sized glass jar with an airtight lid. 

Handling Kratom Powder Properly 

The answer to the question, how long does kratom powder stay fresh lies in two factors; oxygen and moisture. No matter how careful you are to store your kratom powder in a glass container in a dark corner in your pantry or fridge, if you do not know how to handle it properly, then your stash of kratom powder might have to be thrown out in a couple of days or weeks. Kratom powder can oxidize when it comes in contact with oxygen, and when this happens, it can change in color, smell, and taste. If the powder turns into a dull green color or if you mix it with water and it will be almost black and have a funny smell to it and will taste bitter then your kratom powder has oxidized. Oxidation is not reversible so that if this happens to your kratom stash, you need to throw it all out, do not attempt to use it or taste it. On the other hand, moisture and kratom powder are enemies, when moisture is introduced to kratom powder, molds are more likely to grow from it and it can be poisonous and toxic to ingest. Thus, if you observe molds in your kratom powder, you need to throw it all out, you cannot simply scoop out the part with molds on it and then use the remaining powder. This is very dangerous and can lead to bigger health problems. If you want to keep your kratom powder longer and for it to stay fresh, then make sure to not use a wet spoon in getting the powder and immediately close the jar when you have taken the powder that you need.