Kratom Powder Vs Capsules: Which One Should You Choose?

Kratom Capsules

Kratom is a very popular and trusted herbal food product. It has always been consumed in Malaysia, Indonesia, and many other countries for centuries. But one question that always arises in the minds of kratom users is ‘Should I go for kratom powder or capsules?’ If you are also one of them and looking for it, then this piece of writing is for you. We will see everything about kratom powder and capsules with the reasons what is the best for what purpose. Many people believe kratom to be helpful for relaxation and energy-boosting capabilities though still there is no medical proof available.

Now, talking about our main focus point, many people get confused on whether to choose the powdered form of kratom or the capsule form of kratom. Well, the answer to this question is not very simple, it is a bit complex. There are various factors that you should know and understand before you decide to go with the powder or capsule version. Let’s talk more about these two versions of kratom and see how one benefits over the other and if you should even think about comparing them.

Kratom Powder 

Kratom is available in many forms, and one of the most loved and liked forms of kratom is the powder version. The powder has its ability and can serve different purposes. It is used to recover from any issues, both physically and mentally. When the kratom is converted to a powder form, many processes are involved, and these processes undergo various refinement steps to ensure that you get the best possible outcome of the process. 

First, kratom is thoroughly washed with water a couple of times to remove sand and dust. Then they are kept aside to get rid of the excess water from it. Once they are clean and dry, they are spread on dehydrator trays and dried until they turn dry and crisp. You can slow it, but it is pretty time-consuming. Then the dried leaves are placed in the grinder machine which forms the kratom powder. 

There are many kratom recipes which people love to make using kratom powder. Making kratom tea is one of them. If you feel kratom powder or capsule is not for you and want to check out the benefits of kratom without swallowing any leaf matter then you can also try kratom tea bags. There are many online vendors which deliver kratom tea bags directly to your doorstep.

Kratom Capsules 

green kratom leaves

Kratom capsules are nothing but a measured amount of kratom powder stuffed in a capsule. Kratom capsules are very popular in the market these days. Many major kratom manufacturing brands promote these capsules since it is very easy to use. Capsules have many advantages over powder. One advantage of kratom capsules over powder is that you don’t have to measure capsules, unlike kratom powder, since it is already calibrated.

 Although using capsules makes it easy to intake kratom, they take longer to digest than the powder version. So if you are looking for instant results, capsules might not be the right version of kratom for you. 

Many people are not sure of the quality of the kratom powder inside the capsules. Many pharmaceutical companies looking to make high profits sometimes tend to add harmful substances with the kratom powder stuffed inside capsules. So always choose the best and trusted kratom vendor before buying kratom products. You can check their website, reviews or go for recommendations of your family members or friends who have tried it before. 

Comparison between kratom powder and capsules 

Kratom powder over capsules

  • Kratom powder is preferred over capsules as we can mix kratom powder in all the drinks such as fresh juice, coffee, tea, etc. Among all the drinks, kratom tea using kratom powder is the most popular. You can look for the most popular and easy to make kratom tea recipe over the internet.
  • The quality of kratom can be assured while taking it in powder form.
  • Kratom powder gives you an instant benefit which is not possible in capsules as it takes time to show its effect.

Kratom capsules over Powder:

  • It is harder to calibrate the right amount of kratom when you take it in the powder version and hence capsules can be chosen over it if you want to avoid measuring kratom powder again and again while consuming it and you can be certain about the quantity of kratom you are taking.
  • The bitter taste of kratom may not be liked by the users and capsules make it easy to ingest without spoiling your kratom experience.

Which is the right kratom product for you- Powder or capsule?

It all depends on the need of the user and powder or capsule can be right for you if it meets your requirements why you actually want to try kratom. Whatever suits your needs the best will be the best product for you. Though it should be noted that the effects of kratom will be the same for both capsule and powder because after all, you are ingesting kratom.  

Benefits you may get using kratom powder and capsules

  • The most significant advantage of kratom is that it may aid in the recovery from unhealthy habits of using substances. Many people trust it for recovery, yet there is no medical proof available as the research is still going on.  
  • Using powder kratom may improve motivation. It boosts your energy to go through your hard day of work. 
  • It may help in losing a fitness routine. 
  • It may improve restful slumber
  • It may improves sexual experience 
  • It may help with bodily discomfort

Different types of kratom 

In today’s market, there are many kratom strains available in both capsule and powder form with a lot of different names and colors, but what does it all mean? Let’s talk about this for a bit. 

What gives kratom its final color is a combination of the leaf veins during harvest and different drying and fermentation techniques that ultimately give it a red, green, white, or gold color. As the kratom goes through its cyclic life, the vein colors will evolve. Then in the summer times, the leaf veins will change from white to green, and towards the end of the life cycle during the fall, the leaf veins will be red.

White vein kratoms

White kratom leaves are generally dried indoors in the dark and generally subjected to air-conditioned environments. 

 Green vein kratom

For making green vein kratom, the same techniques are used as in white vein kratom, but once it is done drying inside, they move it outside to where it gets to be under the sun and shade.

Red vein kratom

Finally, for red-colored kratom, kratom is dried outside either in direct sunlight or under UV lamps and is also subjected to different times in the shade before it is ground into a fine powder. 


Kratom is generally used to promote the energy level in the body; it is said to give a quick jump start to one’s day. It also helps in optimizing the metabolism process. Most of the users who don’t want to taste kratom prefer capsules while for instant effects, the powder is preferred. So you can use kratom powder or capsules according to your needs and preferences, but you should always choose a trusted brand. Kratom is becoming very popular day by day because of its great benefits and advantages. So if you haven’t tried it yet, you can give it a try. And if neither powder or capsules are for you, check out kratom tea bags for all the benefits without having to swallow any leaf matter!