Healthy Detox – Give Your Body a Chance to Heal on Every Level

detox diet

When you hear the word “detox,” many of you often associate it with drinking those weird combinations, being hungry most of the time, or having to run to the bathroom. In short, it is mostly suffering or depriving yourself of one thing or the other thing. 

Contrary to popular beliefs, detox is all about feeding your body the “good” to take out the “bad stuff.” Honestly, if you intelligently design your detox, it will do more good than just helping you to get rid of some pounds. Let’s not forget that more than half a million people suffer from FLC syndrome. 

Wait! What is that? 

It’s a syndrome where you “Feel Like Crap.” It’s when those annoying symptoms like achy joints, brain fog, headaches, allergies, or more severe problems constantly keep you bugging. That’s where a healthy detox comes to light. 

Before we head on to the “what’s of detoxing,” first, let’s understand why you even need it in the first place. 

Detox: Why Should You Opt For it?

Often people say it is a hoax. Nothing good happens if you detox since your body can take care of itself. Also, as per the experts, a healthy body takes care of the process of detoxification on its own. 

But the truth is that our bodies cannot handle all the toxins on their own entirely the way we live now. Thus, causing more harm by making the organs sluggish, eventually making us sick. And since we are constantly under the attack of pollution, pesticides, or preservatives, it could deplete the nutrient stores, thereby building substances like heavy metals. 

This is why our body needs detoxification to enhance the body’s ability to detoxify and limit exposure to toxins. Let’s be clear on the fact that no one can control the environment around them, but one can strategically change their diet to counter their harmful effects. 

Now that you are familiar with the reasons as to why you should go for detoxification, the next step is to figure out when you should not think twice before opting for this. 

Signs That You Must Consider a Detox

Now imagine the time when you were at your best, physically and mentally. Once you figure that out, compare that state with your current state. If you feel anything less, it is time to rethink your diet and try a detox. 

According to a professional, functional medicine practitioner, the following are some signs that indicate it’s time to change your current lifestyle.

  • You crave sugar/carbs all the time.
  • You experience bloating.
  • You feel exhausted or foggy.
  • Your joints ache.
  • You are unable to lose weight.
  • You feel stressed, depressed, or anxious.
  • You are unable to concentrate, and you have trouble sleeping. 

If you think you’re also facing similar problems and don’t have an underlying condition causing the same, it’s time to support a good diet and detox supplements to lead a quality life. 

Full Body Detox- Steps to Follow 

To optimize your body’s natural detoxification system, you need to provide it with nutrients that will enable it to do the job right. Here’s how you can get started!

Cooking Food

Protein, Protein, and More Protein

Consider consuming protein at every meal. But, it is more important never to skip it in your breakfast. It will help your body to balance blood sugar and insulin. Thus, making it competent enough to cut down the cravings. Doing so will help your liver to get all the raw materials to start with detoxification. 

Besides the diet supplements, you can opt for farm-fresh eggs or protein shakes. You can also include buts, eggs, chicken, or meat for protein at every meal. 

Don’t Limit Your Carbs (At Least The Right Ones)

Many people think that eating carbs will not serve the purpose. But did you know that your vegetables contain carbs? And it goes without saying they are an essential part of a healthy and well-balanced diet. 

But there is a catch here! You must opt for non-starchy veggies only like greens, broccoli, asparagus, green beans, tomatoes, and others. Opting for sulfur-rich options will also give your body detox power. 

Include Fats in Your Diet

Wait! What? Indeed, this four-letter word might have made some eyes pop. But, honestly, fat doesn’t make you fat. It’s the sugar. In contrast to that, fat makes you feel full, balances your sugar levels, and is a necessary prerequisite to fueling your cells. You can include options like nuts, seeds, olive oil, avocados, or omega-3 fatty acids in your diet to power your body with the right kind of fats. 

Is that all?

Besides this, you must take care of your sleeping patterns and limit alcohol and smoking habits. In fact, many research studies also confirm that if you have overweight friends, you are more likely to end up on their side. But the good thing is if you start doing things together, you are more likely to lose weight and detox together. So, it’s time that you consider “friend power” along with “will power.” 

Final Takeaways 

The world we live in is under constant pressure from the toxins we digest through foods or drinks. The liver is doing its work. But the overloading is making it impossible to get the work done the way it’s supposed to. Don’t forget that the liver knows how to detoxify natural toxins. But it won’t be able to encounter the industrial toxins that we absorb from pollution, pipes, pesticides, or paints. 

This is where a healthy detox is an attempt from your side to take off the extra load and allow the body to heal from the impacts caused by toxins. So, you must include a range of fruits, vegetables, and detox supplements to neutralize the free radicals. 

So, if you are still asking why you should detox? The following reason might help you consider. 

  • It will help you create a balance along with enabling your body to repair the damage.
  • It will help the body to expel toxins. 
  • You won’t have to experience FLC syndrome again. 
  • You can quickly reduce your sugar or refined carbs cravings.