The Ultimate Guide For Selecting The Right Air Ambulance Service

air ambulance helicopter

The only predictable thing about life is that it is unpredictable. One second everything is going good in your life, and the next second you are in a rush to resolve a medical emergency. Perhaps in this scenario, your emergency is to find the right air ambulance service for your loved one. 

Well, first of all, we’ll suggest you calm your mind and then continue reading the article to find the best possible solution. The reason is that when you are worried, everything will look mixed up. In such circumstances, some people end up making the decision that turns out to be upsetting. Obviously, you don’t want that. So, try to stay composed and scroll down. 

What is an air ambulance, and why do you need it?

Before you learn how to select the right service, you must know what an air ambulance is. Air ambulance is not just for the transportation of patients from one state or country to another. As a person travels by air in a critical condition, the plane or aircraft must have everything from basic and cardiac life support to critical situation care. It is to ensure safety and comfort during the whole journey. 

Now let’s talk about why you should use an air ambulance. 

When a person requires immediate medical treatment, which is possible at a different location, traveling by road becomes risky. It might be uncomfortable for the patient and will also take a long time to reach the destination. In such a scenario, traveling by air is the best solution. It will offer comfort and convenience to the patient and, if necessary, can also provide interim medical care. Moreover, the patient’s family can also travel along to ensure the well-being of the patient. 

Besides that, an air ambulance can also be used for medical tourism, bedside to bedside patients, organ donation, disaster support service, spinal injury victims, and family needs.

Workplace injury

How to pick the correct service?

Unlike the ground ambulance, the circumstances in the air are more challenging. Thus the air ambulance service must be very reliable and should offer world-class service. Here’s what you need to know for selecting the best and correct service: 

Understanding the type of aircraft available

First things first, you need to learn about the aircraft available with the companies offering the service. Understand that every aircraft is designed differently. Some can travel a long distance (jet aircraft) without the need to re-fueling. In contrast, others (twin and turboprop aircraft) may need to stop refueling and are preferred for short to mid-distance only. Similarly, some aircrafts are better to fly under uncertain weather conditions, while others are not. 

In addition to that, there are also private aircraft transportation, critical care air ambulance, air medical escort, and international commercial stretcher. Some companies can also offer you tailored solutions as per your requirement to provide nothing but the best service. 

Check the license and insurance

Another thing that you need to do is to check the license and insurance. The company must have the following licenses: 

  • Office of Emergency Medical Services, and 
  • Inter-facility Air Ambulance Service for Basic Life Support (BLS) and Advanced Life Support (ALS). 

Additionally, the aircraft must operate under the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) 14CFR 135/121. 

Furthermore, look for the companies who have insurance cover. It will help in reducing your financial burden, especially if the treatment cost is expensive. 

Information about medical equipment 

The best part of an air ambulance is that it carries life-saving equipment with it. So that in case of emergency, the patient can be treated immediately. Generally, there should be LTV 1200 ventilator, ECG monitors, Spectrum Aeromed stretchers, Advanced Life Support and Critical Care Transport (CCT) equipment, The Ivac (Alaris) Med system III, and ZOLL® M Series. 

All this equipment will ensure that there will be no compromise with the comfort and safety of the patient. Along with the equipment, the ambulance should include:

  • A Registered Respiratory Therapist (RRT),
  • A Critical Care Registered Nurse (CCRN),
  • Critical Care Paramedic (CCEMT-P), and
  • Medical Doctor (MD). 

Pilot qualification

Last but not least, ensure that the pilot is well-versed with the federal regulations. Only some aircraft are allowed to operate for 1500 hours by a single pilot. However, it will be better if the plane has 2 pilots for each flight. Besides that, pilots and the medical staff should have critical care situations and physiology training. It will ensure that the patient is in the right hands, and you’ll also stay worry-free. 

To sum it all up

Whenever there is a medical emergency, it is always wise to consider every aspect to help control the situation. Fortunately, with the help of the right air ambulance service, you can do that.