Have You Ever Used An App To Track Your Drinks?

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If you find that when you go out to have drinks with friends you tend to overindulge, you need to begin keeping track of how much you are drinking, how fast you are drinking, and what you are drinking. Although this can seem like a young person’s way to keep track of their drinks when they first begin indulging in alcohol, a drink tracking app is useful for people of all ages – after all, staying safe and responsible is key when it comes to going out. Whether you are with friends, on a first date, or with your family, staying safe while drinking is essential to being able to handle yourself and get back home safely.

So how can you keep track of the alcohol you are consuming? By using an app to track drinks, you can keep track of your drinking habits to ensure you stay within the moderate consumption range. 

Are You A Moderate Drinker? Try An App To Track Drinks And Stay Safe During Your Night Out:

If you are a moderate drinker who wants to stay safe and be responsible during a night out with your friends, then you should use an app to track your drinks. Not only will an app help you monitor your drink intake without using a paper and pen, or making the counting obvious to others if you are embarrassed, you can use an app to keep track of your drinks on your phone.

After all, people are always on their phones! So bringing out your phone while you are out on a date, hanging out with friends, or speaking with family members isn’t considered rude or strange. You can simply take out your iPhone, Android, or another type of phone and use the app to keep track of the number of drinks, type of drinks, and alcohol content to make sure you continue having a fun and safe time for the rest of the night!

Just remember, everyone has been there; we have one too many and we end up going home earlier than all of our friends and miss out on the fun. Avoid going home early by using Drink Agenda, the ad-free app to help moderate drinkers keep track of their alcoholic drinks and stay out longer with their friends! 

Need another reason to use an ad-free drink tracker? Using Drink Agenda to track your drinks while you’re out on a date is the best way that you can stay safe and avoid any instances in which you might feel wary of your date or need to get home quicker than you originally planned. Stay alert and stay smart by using an app to track your drinks and get home without any issue.


Are you out on a date? Are you with friends? Whatever the situation, using an app to track drinks is the best way to stay safe and enjoy your night out without worrying about having one too many!