Guide to download health image files into pdf


Veterans with a My HealtheVet Premium account who are VA patients can access and download accessible VA Medical Reports and Pictures from their VA electronic medical record (EHR) through the Internet.

Veterans with a Premium My HealtheVet account can install VA Medical Reports and Pictures, as well as save, print, and copy Digital Visualization and Communications in Medicine (DICOM) pictures (also called clinical images) and on a Compact Disc (CD) to introduce to non-VA health care providers and caregivers.

This guide helps you health download image files into pdf by online converter. Radiology reports and pictures can currently be downloaded and saved. Radiology images include the following:

  • Mammographies (screening and diagnostic)
  • Photographs and radiographs ( abdominal x-rays, chest x-rays, bone x-ray)
  • Digital radiography (DR), also known as computed radiography (CR), is a type of radiography that uses digital technology (CR)
  • Fluorescence microscopy ( upper GI, barium swallow, barium enema)
  • Ultrasounds
  • Images from CT scans and nuclear medicine may include Magnetic Resonance (MR) in facilities equipped with MR angiography, PET (Positron Emission Tomography)/MR MRI, and MR Venography.
  • Cine loops and angiography radiographs
  • Interventional Radiology may include ultrasound, radiographs, CT, or cine loop as part of the procedure.

Requests that have been completed are available for three calendar days. You can resubmit the request at any time if necessary. You may ask for up to three studies at once. If you request more than three studies, the screen shall show a message informing you that you can offer extra studies once the current requests are completed.

Contact your VA health care team if you have any questions about your medical pictures or the accompanying report.

Return to the Top How to Begin Using the VA Medical Images and Reports The procedure for obtaining VA Medical Reports and Images is outlined below.

Step 1

  1. Sign in to My HealtheVet.
  2. Select the Login button on the right side of the screen to access your My HealtheVet Premium account. 
  3. You must already be a registered VA patient or CHAMPVA beneficiary. 
  4. If you don’t already have a My HealtheVet account, create one by clicking the Register button on the right side of the screen and filling out the registration form. 
  5. To sign into your account, click the login link in the Congratulations box.

Step 2 

Obtain Access to Your VA Medical Images and Reports After logging in, you have three options for accessing VA Medical Images and Reports:

  1. Go to the Personal Information tab and select Download My Data.
  2. Alternatively, in the dashboard, click the Health Records or Blue Button Medical Reports link.
  3. Clicking on this link will take you to the VA Medical Imaging and Reports Summary page.
  4. Select the Check Updates button to check for updates.

By clicking the View Images link, you can access the study.

  1. You can view your medical images and the associated report in your browser by selecting the View Images link.

Your request status is indicated by a progress bar. However, this could take several hours based on the speed of your browser and the size of your file. You can log out and return later. You can also update your profile to receive an email when your images and report are complete.

  1. A simple viewer with two tabs appears: Images and Reports. Images is the default tab.
  2. On the Report tab, click View/Download PDF File or Download Text File, View/Print to view and print the report’s PDF file.