Important Things To Think About Before Stem Cell Therapy

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Science is often met with many negative comments and a lot of misunderstandings. The easiest argument one can make to show how important science is is to think about it a little. Where would we be right now if it were not for scientific and technological development? Forging steel is a very complicated chemical process in its nature. Without such technology, we would still be living only using rocks and raw materials.

Healthwise, the point gets even stronger and it can not be debunked. Even as near as 200 years ago, people would die from common infections. People needed to have around 7 children because only about 2 would be lucky to survive the first few years. These times are past us, they are not long past us but only with science were these problems eradicated. Stem cell therapy is one of the new therapies that have the potential of becoming truly revolutionary.

Understanding this therapy

Stem cells are cells developed 3 to 5 days after a sperm cell fertilizes the egg cell. The formed blastocyst has around 150 cells that are ready to become any kind of cell under certain circumstances. Most of the cells in an adult person, except the ones in bone marrow, have already chosen what will become a muscle cell, a neuron, or something else. Stem cells can be grown to become a new tissue where differentiated cells can not do anything else.

This mechanism or replacing old cells with new and healthy ones is the key that explains why this therapy is so potent. Research gathered from stem cell therapy for damage to the knees has shown that possible ways the new cells help are by inhibiting uncontrolled cell death and developing new blood vessels. These are just some of the elucidated mechanisms on this very fascinating therapy that has already saved many lives.

Is it the right treatment for you

Stem cell therapy is still developing which makes this therapy for some diseases a standard while for others only experimental. It is important to know if your disease can be cured using this therapy, do not go in blind. For the aforementioned orthopedic problems, this therapy has proven already very useful. It is on its way to becoming the golden standard in this field of medicine.

For others, the wait is still on, which does not mean that stem cell therapy is impossible for other diseases. In theory, every kind of disease can be cured with this treatment and scientists are just fine-tuning this method now. The biochemistry behind these pathological states is still murky. It is important to wait for these results so further trials on humans can commence. For other diseases, the theory was hastily resolved which resulted in this method being available sooner.

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Everyone is unique

Everyone is unique and their bodies are unique and they can react in unique ways. This is very important to know before stem cell therapy because the results can differ. Some can get through this therapy in a short span of time, while others may not. Everyone’s body accepts these stem cells at a different rate with different reactions. This does not imply that the science behind all of this is futile, it actually confirms that it is true.

The risks

The reason why this method is not mainstream is not because of the risks. It is still a new method that waits to become normalized and more affordable. The risks from stem cell therapy are very low, especially compared to other available methods. Surgeries required to treat some tumors are much riskier than stem cell therapy. This again does not mean it is a risk-free procedure, something can always happen as discussed earlier. On the other hand, so can other therapies with a chance higher than that of stem cell therapy.

This was just a brief text to introduce you to the aspects that you should know before stem cell therapy. It is always necessary to speak to your doctor about this therapy and not just stick to online articles. As it was stated earlier, everyone is different, and only your doctor can give you the full set of information you need to know. Personalized therapy in the future and stem cell therapy is a type of that therapy that can be suited to the individual. 

By knowing more about the biochemistry behind all of this, the faster we can get to that point in time. Science is a very powerful tool that has already saved numerous lives, everyone should be aware of that. This therapy and many others are the reason why many of us can still see the people that we love around us. Nature is much crueler than people think, science is the tool that saves us from that cruelty.