How a Lawyer Specifically for Women Will Handle Your Case Differently

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Divorce can take a toll both emotionally and financially. That’s why it’s crucial you have the right legal counsel at your side. Specifically, a Divorce Lawyer Cook County for women can navigate sensitive situations and demonstrate a calm demeanor, even when you feel stressed. They can also provide warm but effective representation as they fight for your rights.

How a Divorce Lawyer for Women Will Handle Your Case Differently

Research confirms men and women communicate differently. Men are known to use a “report” style when speaking, meaning they often rely on data and facts to solve problems. They commonly omit personal information and may try to dominate a conversation.

Women, on the other hand, tend to speak in more of a “rapport” style with the goal of building relationships. They also share more personal information, especially in times of stress or difficulty. A lawyer for women will understand that, as a female, you need to be heard throughout the divorce process and may need help if you have a spouse with a dominating communication style. They will adjust their communication style to benefit you, deal with your spouse and his lawyers, and provide reassurance as your divorce moves forward. You can contact Kaufman Steinberg LLP for more information.

Explain State Divorce Laws

Ohio permits very few “no-fault” grounds for divorce. To illustrate, a couple must agree they can no longer live together compatibly or have been living separately for a full year without interruption. Otherwise, one spouse must claim the other is at fault in a way that includes:

  • Extreme cruelty
  • Willful absence for more than a year
  • Adultery
  • Imprisonment
  • Gross neglect of duty
  • Habitual drunkenness

The spouse who filed for divorce must substantiate their at-fault claim with witness testimony. This is a lot to take in, but you can rest assured knowing a lawyer for women will carefully explain Ohio laws. They’ll also help you gather the evidence necessary to obtain your divorce.

Provide Objective Advice

It’s easy for a woman to feel overwhelmed as she juggles multiple responsibilities: co-parenting, household duties, and separating from her spouse. A skilled divorce lawyer can ease this emotional process by providing guidance. They will discuss the factors most likely to impact your future, including spousal support and child custody, and answer any questions you have. This information can help you plot a path for the future.

A qualified lawyer can also serve as the go-between for you and your spouse. This reduces personal contact and, likewise, the opportunity to fight. In turn, the separation process will be a little easier to get through.

Protect Your Children

The end of a marriage often causes significant pain, especially for children. They may try to hide it, but kids are the most emotionally affected because they’re scared. They know life is about to change – just as they know they’re helpless to stop those changes.

A divorce lawyer for women will speak in a calm, gentle manner to your children. The goal is to understand the living arrangements they want and ardently fight for those desires in the divorce decree. Another attorney might advocate on your behalf but neglect to do the same for your children.


Account for All Marital Assets

Some lawyers dismiss the importance of heirlooms and gifts steeped in sentimental value. This can cause you to lose meaningful items in a divorce, but a lawyer for women will carefully review your assets and negotiate for those most important to you. They’ll also help locate all assets and liabilities so they’re properly accounted for in the divorce settlement.

Discuss Property Division

Anyone going through a divorce is likely to wonder if they’ll get to keep their house, their car, or even their retirement benefits. In Ohio, the answer is far from simple. Courts follow an equitable distribution model when splitting assets and debts between spouses.

This means the property division doesn’t have to be equal, but it does need to be fair. The judge will consider a number of factors – including the duration of the marriage and each spouse’s assets and liabilities – that may shift the balance from one spouse to the other. A qualified lawyer can explain how your property will be treated and the impacts on your future financial health.

Advocate for Spousal Support and Other Benefits

Child support is a critical point for many women, especially those who entered and then exited the workforce to care for children and/or the home. In Ohio, you can ask for temporary support until your divorce is finalized. The temporary order will end when a judge signs your divorce decree, at which point a final support order may be issued.

A lawyer for women will consider your income, earning ability, and other relevant facts to assess if you’re entitled to spousal support. They will then present their findings to the court and fight for the resources you need and deserve.

A lawyer who specializes in cases for women will ensure their communication style meets your needs and explain the many facets of your divorce, including property division and spousal support. They’ll even talk to your children (with your permission) to identify the best custody arrangements for them and you. This extra attention can help you begin a better tomorrow sooner than you thought possible.