How to adjust to varifocal glasses? 5 tips you need to know


Varifocal glasses are an innovation loved in modern times as a better option than bifocals. In case you aren’t aware, varifocal glasses are usually opted by people getting older and losing their ability to focus on objects at close range. This inability requires them to wear glasses with multiple focal points. Thus, ensuring the eyes are comfortable while looking both at farther distances and objects that are near. 

As the name suggests, Varifocals have various focal points for this very purpose. They have three parts in their lenses. One at the bottom for close-range objects. Another on top for far ones. And the most critical section in the middle for intermediate distances. 

The third part in the middle makes moving your eyes between the other two parts very smooth; unlike bifocal lenses which have only the top and bottom sections. Also, Varifocals don’t have the dividing line that not only interferes with your vision in bifocals but is also a complete no-no in terms of style.

Yet, be it bifocals or varifocal glasses and for that matter, any pair of glasses, it takes time to adjust to them and make them a part of your being.

Especially with varifocal glasses because you are not used to looking through three different lens strengths with only one pair sitting on your eyes. This lack of habit may cause quite a lot of discomfort, including dizziness, headaches, blurred vision, loss of focus, and nausea. So, how do you adjust to varifocal glasses? Here are the tips that have helped several others and will certainly help you too.

5 tips to adjust to varifocal glasses sooner

Wear your varifocal glasses as much as possible

Do you know how any habit of yours comes into being? You do the thing, the first time, the second time, and you keep doing it until it becomes the new normal for you. Researchers say it takes about 21 days to build a habit. That’s exactly what you need to do with varifocal glasses. Wear them one day, then the next day, and continue wearing them until they become as natural as your eyes to you.

Do not wear any other pair of glasses in between

Unlike dieting, making a habit of wearing varifocal glasses does not allow any cheat days. You must not give in to short term comfort and give up the long term benefits of varifocals. So, make sure not to switch between pairs when trying to make wearing varifocal glasses a habit.

Do not perform crucial activities like driving during the process

While your eyes are getting comfortable to varifocal glasses, there will be many moments of discomfort. If you perform a high-awareness task like driving with them on, you raise your chances of an accident that can be life-threatening. So, make sure not to do any such activities before you are completely comfortable.

Move your head

We all have the habit of rolling our eyes in the direction of what we wish to look at rather than turning our heads. Especially if the object to see isn’t far. But glasses with lenses that have many focal points may cause blurry vision if you use the wrong part of the lens. So, it’s better to move your head to a particular direction and then see the object.

Chin up, eyes down

When reading or looking at stuff that’s pretty close, choose to keep your chin up and then make your eyes look down. This way, you will be looking straight through the bottom part of the varifocal lenses designed for closer objects.

Those were the 5 effective tips that if followed, will help you get used to your new varifocal glasses in no time. Make sure to keep them in mind after you buy your spectacles online from Specscart. Don’t forget, the lenses we make for you, come with anti-glare, anti-UV, and scratch-resistant coatings. So your eyes stay protected and avoid all possible discomfort.