An FDA-Approved Alternative For Erectile Dysfunction Therapy


Erectile dysfunction has been frightening many men across the country from the moment they start to have a sexual life. Although it is something that men learn about through word of mouth, it’s seldom that they know what erectile dysfunction stands for. Misinformation also causes them to confuse erectile dysfunction (ED) with impotence and think that there is no way out. There is. First, let us understand that erectile dysfunction should not be confused with impotence. It is a condition when men are unable to develop and maintain a good erection. Doctors usually diagnose it when men report the inability to get an erection once in every two sexual intercourse. It can develop based on both physiological and psychological factors, be either congenital or acquired. Second, there is no reason to put an end to your sexual life, as there is a cure to that condition. 

Gainswave the Cure

Gainswave is the ultimate cure to erectile dysfunction and not only that. It has been developed to offer a quick and reliable way to treat sexual-health-related conditions or to enhance men’s sexual performance. Hence, after the therapy sessions, the patients can be back to a more enjoyable and pleasant sexual life as soon as possible. At its core, Gainswave represents a radial shockwave device, which has been long studied by the professionals and scientists of the field. As a result, it proved to be very effective and can be used only by certified medical staff. The device directs low-intensity sound waves to the groin, particularly to the phallus. The waves carry out two functions. They stimulate the growth of new nerve tissues and influence the development of new blood vessels. Besides, they also remove micro-plaques and increase blood flow to the vessels located near and in the penis. As a result, the patients often report optimal results and improvements after a short period. If ever you’re looking for an alternative, try out rejuvapulse therapy for ed.

Whom to Apply and When?

If you are living in Washington State, you have a fantastic chance to visit Dr. Kate Kass’s clinic for erectile dysfunction therapy. She is a medical practitioner who has been working with a big number of conditions, including the ones related to sexual and regenerative health. Dr. Kass spearheaded the Gainswave therapy practice and has been recognized as the physician with the biggest number of therapy sessions in her portfolio. She has already conducted hundreds of shockwave treatments and has been doing 3 – 7 sessions every day. 

Usually, Dr. Kass and her team can be a panacea for men struggling with the following issues:

  1. Erectile dysfunction. We have already spoken about this a lot. As this condition showcases itself while men age, it is not surprising that 40% of men at the age of 40 and above experience it. Now, you know what to do. 
  2. Peyronie’s Disease. This is a disease associated with the existence of scar tissue in the penis, which affects erection and sexual satisfaction. Gainswave low-intensity waves can target that tissue and make it disappear.
  3. Male performance. Gainswave can be an effective solution even if you are not diagnosed with any of the issues below. It is normal and acceptable to long for better performance as sex is an important part of life and one of the cornerstones of happy and satisfying relationships. 

FDA- and Patient-Approved 

Dr. Kass and her team have accumulated years of experience in the successful usage of Gainswave. With their help, many men were able to feel better, improve their sexual life, and better their relationships with their loved ones. Inevitably, it influenced their self-esteem and boosted their confidence regardless of age. If you want to get the same results, Dr. Kass and Gainswave therapy will be the ultimate right option to choose.