5 Ways Men Can Improve Their Sexual Health

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Sexual health is a pivotal element of men’s overall well-being. Although many neglect its importance in their lives for various reasons, it plays a vital role in your everyday body functions. Some common issues that men face include Erectile Dysfunction (ED), Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD), and a low sperm count, among many others. 

A 2018 review published in Sexual Medicine found that almost 26% of men (a third) face Erectile Dysfunction under the age of 40, while a 2019 review found that about 3% to 76.5% of men have ED around the globe. 

Similarly, the World Health Organization found that men who engage in unprotected sex have a higher risk of getting an STD with long-term reproductive and general health consequences. Even more shocking is the fact that over 1 million men around the world acquire STDs every day. 

Therefore, as important as your general health is, your sexual health is equally important. Let us discuss some effective ways you can manage and improve your sexual well-being. 

Get Tested

Being tested is an important step men must take to preserve their sexual health. According to the CDC, there were around 2.4 million cases of syphilis, gonorrhea, and chlamydia in 2018 in the US. Moreover, over five million men in the US have a low testosterone level, leading to ED affecting sleep and mood swings. If you are encountering these symptoms, then sign up with Craft Medical, a leading medical institute dedicated to improving men’s sexual well-being across the US and treating the problem of low testosterone levels. The process is simple. After signing up, you will be contacted by their office to have your blood drawn for testing in the laboratory. You can discuss the test results with your doctor via telehealth and receive medications at your doorstep. It is an excellent way to get proper treatment for those who shy away from the topic. You can even get a personalized plan based on your condition and health history to get maximum benefit. 

Eat a Balanced Diet

For excellent sexual health, a healthy, balanced diet is crucial. To prevent diseases like obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease—all of which can have a negative impact on your sexual health—be sure to eat nutritious meals from each food category.

Consuming a mix of whole fruits, vegetables, lean meats, and whole grains can supply the nutrients required for optimum sexual health. You must include zinc-rich meals in your diet, including oysters and lean meats. They enhance testosterone production in the body, thus boosting your sexual desires and performance – if you want, check more information about this product. Also, add fiber-rich meals to your diet, like whole grains, green vegetables, and whole fruits. They are very effective in maintaining healthy blood sugar levels and boosting metabolism rate, lowering the risk of Erectile Dysfunction (ED). 

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Conversely, processed foods like junk foods, frozen foods, and saturated fats in baked goods lead to an increased risk of cardiovascular diseases and obesity, impairing your sexual functions. Per a 2022 study published in the International Journal of Molecular Sciences, diets rich in saturated fats can reduce testosterone levels and sperm count, leading to a decrease in libido and sexual desire. 

Therefore, you must alter your diet and only consume healthy meals. 

Adopt an Active Lifestyle

Your lifestyle choices play a huge part in your overall well-being and your sexual health. The biggest advantage of adopting a healthy lifestyle is that the increased blood flow improves your sexual function by increasing your arousal levels. Moreover, regular physical activity can increase your testosterone levels, including sexual desires and performance in men, according to another study published in the Journal of Functional Morphology and Kinesiology in 2020. 

Another major advantage of regular exercise is that it reduces stress levels and anxiety in men, which negatively affects their sexual function. It is because increased physical activity releases endorphins, a hormone that produces feelings of relaxation and happiness, alleviating depression in men. It can also help improve your romantic relationships, leading to a happy life. 

However, if you do not remain active, you can always start small, like taking a brisk walk every evening, signing up for swimming classes, or riding a bike to work. You can easily incorporate your favorite activity into your daily routine so that it does not feel like a task but more like a recreation. 

Quit Smoking

As harmful as smoking is for your heart and lungs, it is equally detrimental to your sexual well-being. Smoking cigarettes clogs the blood vessels, reducing blood flow through your body, including the genitals. It can lead to erectile dysfunction, reduced sexual desire, and lower testosterone levels. If you continue smoking for a long time, it can reduce the sperm count leading to fertility problems. 

However, quitting smoking as soon as possible can significantly improve your health and sexual well-being, according to a 2020 study published in International Braz J Urol. If you are a chain smoker and find it hard to quick, you can consult healthcare professionals or join support groups to make the process easier. 

Moreover, it drastically reduces conditions that hinder your sexual health, such as cardiovascular disease, obesity, and diabetes. By quitting smoking and engaging in an active lifestyle, you can improve blood flow through your body, including your genitals, hence elevating your sexual health. 

Learn to Manage Stress

Stress is an inevitable and natural part of life. You may not fully eliminate it, but you can manage it if you apply some effective strategies like engaging in yoga, meditation, nuru massage, deep breathing exercises, spending time with loved ones, doing what you love the most, and taking some personal time out for yourself. 

No matter how busy your personal or professional life may be, you must learn to balance everything for your peace of mind. Otherwise, it will impair your sexual well-being and even fertility. 

Chronic stress does not only affect your mental health but your physical and sexual health as well. It leads to high blood pressure and heart diseases, negatively affecting your sexual life. It can lead to decreased testosterone levels and lower sexual drive and performance in men. 

Therefore, try leading a balanced life and apply helpful, relaxing techniques to ease your mind and body. It will significantly improve your sexual health. 


Men’s sexual health plays a significant role in their overall physical and mental health. Maintaining good sexual health will save you from sexual disorders and diseases. Some ways to boost your sexual well-being include being tested, adopting a healthy lifestyle, and eating healthy, organic foods. They will not only improve your sexual health but boost your overall health too.

Moreover, quit smoking and learn to manage stress to lead a better quality of life and improved sexual well-being.