Why is Double Eyelid Surgery Becoming Popular?

LASIK Surgery

Cosmetic procedures on the whole are on a rise. Among these procedures, the double eyelid surgery has gained popularity, especially among Asian women. What is double eyelid surgery? Does it promise any exclusive benefits? Why are women attracted to this procedure? Should you jump on the bandwagon? If you are considering the procedure, here is everything you should know!

What is double eyelid surgery?

The procedure is medically called blepharoplasty. It is a procedure carried out to correct droopy eyelids. However, it is more popular as a procedure to change the appearance of a person’s eyelids. 

Many people have creases on their eyelids. These are also called double eyelids. However, this crease is usually missing in people with mongoloid features. Of late, Asian women want to obtain these creases so that their eyes are better highlighted. Thus, the double eyelid surgery is rapidly gaining popularity. 

A small incision is made on the upper eyelids to artificially introduce the missing crease. Youngsters who opt for this surgery are mostly inspired by Asian models and actresses who are increasingly choosing to undergo the procedure. 

Why the procedure?

Every century/decade comes with its set of trends and notion of what is fashionable. Similarly, having double eyelids is a fad today. In some cases, it is also recommended for people whose vision is hindered by their eyelids. It is possible to have a double eyelid on one eye and a monolid on the other. In such cases, the surgery is performed on the monolid. 

There are non-surgical alternatives to this. There are eyelid tapes and glues which create a crease when applied to the eyelid. However, some people do not prefer these items due to some disadvantages – (i) you need to apply them everyday (ii) you may lose them if they fall off (iii) some people experience redness, irritation and allergies (iv) if the glue gets into your eye, it can be fatal.

Surgery procedure

Can anyone undergo the surgery?

Not everyone is a suitable candidate for blepharoplasty. When you meet your surgeon to discuss the procedure, he/she may collect the following details.

  • Your medical history: Information about your medical history (especially your eyes), is necessary. Have you had any eye surgeries? Any conditions such as dry eyes, glaucoma…? Are you under medication for any health problem? Do you consume tobacco, drugs, alcohol, supplements…? Are you suffering from any chronic illness? 
  • Next, you can discuss your expectations about the results. The doctor will let give you a realistic picture of what is possible and what the result may look like. 

Before the procedure…

There are a few things to take care of before the surgery. The clinic/hospital will examine your eyes. You will likely undergo a vision test. After they clear you for surgery, your surgeon will help you prepare for it. 

  • Discuss any medicines that are a part of your routine. Ask your surgeon if it is safe to continue with your medicines. If not, be clear about when to stop taking them.
  • Smoking is known to affect your healing period. Therefore, your doctor will likely ask you to stop smoking for a few weeks before and after the surgery.
  • Even though this is an outpatient procedure, you will not be able to drive yourself home after the surgery. So, arrange for transportation. 

Healing and recovery

After the procedure, your surgeon will provide ointments/drops to soothe your eyes. Here are some activities you should avoid during the healing period.

  • Swimming, aerobics, sports and other strenuous activities
  • Do not use contact lenses right after the surgery
  • Do not expose your eyes to sunlight
  • Soothe your eyes with ice packs at regular intervals

Swelling, watering and bruising are possible side effects. However, they should subside within a week or two. 


Most patients express satisfaction with the results obtained post-surgery. Technological breakthroughs in medical science have made it possible to change our natural appearance! What’s more interesting is the fact that these cosmetic procedures are quick, minimally invasive and have a short recovery period. 

Know that having a single eyelid is not a defect. It is as natural as a double eyelid. People usually opt for the surgery as they want to better highlight their eyes rather than fix a defect in their vision.