Long Term Effects of Whole-Body Vibration Routine

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The idea of using vibration for health benefits dates back to ancient Greece. However, the change occurred when the Russian space program used it to simulate the weight of gravity for astronauts who would otherwise lose muscle tissue and bone density while living in space’s zero-gravity atmosphere. It went from unproven concept to serious science.

In the 1980s, it’s also thought that Russian sportsmen underwent WBV therapy to help them perform better at the Olympics. While professional athletes have used vibration treatment to improve their performance for years, anyone of any age who wants to improve their health can benefit from it.

Muscle Strength

Lifting isn’t the only way to build muscle strength, in case you didn’t know. Vibration therapy is also beneficial. When you stand on a vibration plate, your muscles flex 30 to 50 times each second, strengthening and increasing muscle tissue. Balance, mobility, and flexibility are also improved.

Healthy Endocrine and Stimulated Collagen

Your endocrine system benefits greatly from a healthy metabolism. As a result, simply using a vibration plate may be all you need to alleviate hormonal issues including acne, menstrual pain, or thyroid issues. Vibration plates help to increase collagen formation by ensuring that all of your hormones are functioning properly, your blood circulation is improved, and your metabolism is running smoothly. Collagen is a hormone that helps to smooth your skin. You will have less cellulite when your fat deposits decrease and your collagen production increases. Despite the fact that cellulite is not a medical ailment or something to be embarrassed of, many people prefer a smoother appearance to their skin since it boosts their confidence.

Improved Immunity

When you’re on a diet or have to stay in bed all day, your brain goes into survival mode and tells your body to preserve resources. This corresponds to fat storage and a slowed metabolic rate, resulting in a lower energy expenditure than usual. As a result, a higher metabolic rate implies more energy is expended even when you’re sleeping, resulting in a healthier metabolism.

Fat Loss

Whole-body vibrations can help you lose weight and activate your liver by reducing fat deposits in your midsection. Your liver will be able to digest fat at a higher pace instead of converting it to glucose.

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Stronger Bones

Vibration plates have a significant impact on bone mineral density, according to a study. Hip bone density increased among people who used whole body vibration machines. For around six months of training, general muscle strength will increase. A 15- 30 minutes routine on the vibration plates three times a week can do the trick.

Lower Blood Pressure

Vibrations have been shown in studies to enhance blood flow to the legs and make the heart healthier in general. Better blood circulation also means faster tissue repair, which is why physiotherapists always advocate it.

Pain Relief

Vibration plates, as previously mentioned, are recommended by physiotherapists not only to repair their patients’ ailments, but also to reduce the amount of agony they are in. The vibrations that go through the body deliver signals to the brain, causing a sense of relaxation and relieving pain. It has been discovered to be beneficial to those suffering from arthritis and osteoporosis.


Heat and vibration treatment can also help folks who are trying to get rid of toxins from their systems. These treatments work together to improve blood and lymph circulation throughout the body. The lymph is the body’s garbage collector, as you may or may not know; when the lymph moves faster throughout the body, it is more effective at collecting environmental toxins and cellular waste for eventual elimination through the kidneys. Sweating is another approach to eliminate undesired toxins and cellular waste stored in the body, which is promoted by heat therapy. Faster blood and lymph circulation, as well as sweating, are identical to your fundamental exercise routine, which was created in the first place.

Good Sleep

A good night’s sleep is another positive side effect of whole-body vibration therapy. It will take numerous sessions for those with chronic insomnia to experience a difference in sleep quality. Regular routine, on the other hand, is well worth it in the long term. So, you may have thought sleep was a thing of the past, but having this exercise sessions included into your weekly routines, you will see the difference.

Better Balance

A vibration plate tests your balance by tricking your brain into thinking you’re falling. As a result, by squeezing your belly and lower-back muscles, your core has to work harder to keep you on the plate. In everyday life, increasing core strength leads to enhanced balance and flexibility. This has the great benefit of improving general posture, which reduces the likelihood of back discomfort and relieves pre-existing chronic pain.