Chronic Pain Management: Try These Alternative Methods For Better Relief

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Did you know that more than 7 million Canadian suffer from chronic pain? While it might not sound intriguing, suffering from chronic pain actually negatively impacts multiple aspects of health, starting from sleep, cognitive processes to mental health, and more.

This is especially true if you are suffering from this condition repeatedly over a period of time. So, what next? How can you manage this condition to lead a healthier lifestyle like you used to before? Fortunately, there are many options available besides over-the-counter medicines to manage this condition.

However, doctors suggest trying a combination of options to tackle this condition smoothly. This article will be talking about a few tried and tested alternative options that will help you with effective chronic pain management.

Let’s begin!


It helps to relieve pain by promoting healing, thereby restoring function and movement. Usually, a professional therapist who knows rehabilitation and orthopedic, neurologic, and cardiovascular conditions carry out this method to help the patients. 

The therapist uses a variety of active and passive therapies to reduce the painful symptoms. These therapies include manual heat/ice packs, electrical stimulation, or dry needling.

Slimming massage


Many studies confirm that acupuncture can decrease pain by increasing the levels of endorphins. These are the chemicals produced by the body that naturally block pain. Experts believe that there are many acu-points near nerves. And when a professional stimulates these points using acupuncture technique, it causes a feeling of fullness in muscles.

Hence, it triggers the release of the chemicals that block the message of pain. Experts believe that you can use this therapy to reduce pain-related conditions. For instance, you can opt this procedure as a part of your back pain treatment strategy. Besides this, you can use the same therapy for carpal tunnel syndrome, fibromyalgia, and related disorders.

Chiropractic Treatment And Massage

It is one of the most common non-surgical methods that help with the management of pain. Besides the usual chiropractic manipulations, many people are also opting for massage therapies to manage their chronic back or neck problems.

It turns out that massage significantly reduces stress and relieves any form of tension, thereby enhancing the blood flow.

Besides the ones mentioned above, many professionals use nutritional counseling as a part of their chronic pain management strategy.

In this, they ask the patients to make changes in their regular dietary routines to ease pain by limiting inflammation. Ideally, doctors ask the patients to increase the intake of plant foods that contain anti-inflammatory agents. For instance, a raw vegetarian diet is quite helpful for some patients with fibromyalgia.

Wrapping up

Many people suffering from acute or chronic pain often try using the measures on their own to relieve their painful symptoms. However, doctors advise consulting professional pain management specialists to alleviate their debilitating pain conditions to better results/ outcomes. So, you must make sure to talk to the experts at pain clinics.

Besides this, you can also include deep breathing exercises and meditation to help relax your body and mind. That’s the only way to lead a pain-free life. So, what are your preferred methods for chronic pain management? Share your experiences.