Choosing a Botox Clinic in Montreal


There are few things certain in life, but we can be sure we will grow older! And as we do, we will start not only to feel older but also to look older. Anti-ageing products are all over the shelves and pushed at us in online ads. But do they work? Will that miracle cream really reduce those annoying wrinkles and make your skin look as good as new? 

There’s no doubt that moisturizing and hydrating the skin will help to some extent, but there is no cream that will actually make your skin younger. That simply can’t happen. However, there is a way to smooth the skin and get rid of wrinkles and lines: Botox. 

In the article that follows we look at what Botox is and how it works, as well as what to look for when choosing a Montreal Botox clinic you can trust.

What You Need to Know

You will have heard about Botox and perhaps know of people who have undergone Botox treatment, but what is it, and why has there been so much talk about it? The facts may frighten you at first but be sure to read on. First, Botox is probably the most dangerous substance on earth. It is a very powerful toxin produced by the botulinum bacteria. Botox is a brand name for the medical form of botulinum.

Now, of course Botox treatment will not kill you, but how is this so given the sheer danger of the substance? The amount given in a Botox injection is so small to be insignificant. What Botulinum does is act as a neurotoxin. That is, it attacks the nervous system. Specifically it acts to prevent the release of a neurotransmitter that tells our muscles what to do. The result is complete paralysis. 

The tiny amount injected into you has the effect of stopping the muscles in the face, for example, from performing properly for a short time. The result is the skin tightens over them, and your lines are gone! It’s safe, tried and tested, and millions of people undergo Botox procedures every day. If you want to know more about Botox that’s a good source. 

So, assuming we haven’t scared you off, should you have Botox? 

Should I Have Botox?

Botox is undoubtedly one of the health and beauty trends of the 21st century, and will continue to be so. Whether you should have depended upon a couple of questions: why are you thinking about it, and is it for you or someone else? If the latter, you need to think carefully. While the procedure is simple, quick and safe there are – as with any such procedures – rare side-effects. These should not be risked to please others.

If you’re simply looking for a successful way to keep your facial lines and wrinkles under control then Botox is a way of doing so, and one that is very popular. Ask around your friends, family and colleagues for recommendations of Botox clinics. You preferably need a local one you can visit every now and then. Check their training and credentials, visit the clinic and see if you like the atmosphere which should be calm, controlled and pleasant.

Make sure the practitioner you choose has experience and specialises in Botox, as they need to be dedicated to the treatment you are looking for. Also, be sure to have a chat with them about what is expected from you before and after the procedure as there will be things you need to do to make sure all goes well. But remember, it’s safe and proven, so sort those wrinkles out!