5 Ways to Cope up Mood Swing during Pregnancy

pregnancy trimester

The changes occurring in a woman’s body during pregnancy are enormous. Moreover, the most apparent changes are the physical ones, but there are a series of emotional changes that might not be obvious to outsiders. 

However, a balance of physical, mental, and emotional health is vital for the success of the pregnancy as they play critical roles. 

The nine months come with a series of packages, and a woman’s mood can experience highs and lows. She could be excited at the thought of having a tiny human growing inside her. On the other hand, the terror of bringing forth the kid as delivery approaches could get her down. 

Pregnancy is a big transition in the life of a woman. It comes with several emotions, which could be positive and negative. When a woman is pregnant, there is a surge in the hormone progesterone and estrogen. A couple of women are pretty sensitive to these changes in humans, which causes irritability and mood change. 

Eat Well

Your body’s nutritional need increases during pregnancy, and the wrong food intake or insufficient nutrients can fuel your mood swing at this stage. This makes it necessary to eat balanced and healthily. You want to keep your blood sugar at optimum levels by drinking plenty of water. 

You should not feel guilty taking small snacks at intervals, probably in between meals. Focus on snacks that contain complex carbs and proteins like a cheese stick and CBD Edibles. The idea is to get snacks that will help regulate your emotions, not a sugary treat like a doughnut or a candy bar, as they could make your blood sugar level take a hit, which could negatively affect your mood.

Make sure to satisfy your cravings and avoid unnecessary outburst that comes from lack of food. Fill up your fridge with nutritious and healthy snacks that will energize your brain, help you stay calm, and keep you in control of your mood. 

Get Some Exercise

Even when you are not pregnant, exercise is a great stress reliever. It can take your mind off stress, release happy hormones and boost your mood. As a result, if you feel blue or down, get up and try some low-impact exercise. It can be as simple as walking, swimming, or brisk walking. 

If possible, make it an outdoor exercise – the fresh air will go a long way to refresh and energize you. Also, there is a high tendency that endorphins will be released in the body, which will boost the feeling of positivity and override the crankiness that comes with pregnancy. There are meditation and yoga with a sole focus on pregnancy that will be helpful. 

Reach out for Support

While pregnant, make sure to support yourself with all the help available to you. Your husband, boyfriend, girlfriends, and other family members should be there for you. Besides, make sure they understand what you are going through and the baggage that comes with pregnancy. With this, it will not surprise them if they snap or react unexpectedly. 

Also, make sure there is open communication between you and your partner. Also, be sure to reach out to other pregnant women. There will be virtual groups’ online and social media where you can meet and discuss. Everyone can share their experience to encourage each other. With such a group, expecting mums will know that feeling blue is normal and no cause for alarm. This can go a long way to improve mood and make you happy.

Stay Away from Stress and Conflict

The pregnancy period is not a time to get your heart rate and blood pressure up. In other words, you should try and stay away from every source of stress. This is not about running away from your demanding toddler or quitting your job. The idea is to pinpoint incidents that cause conflicts and approach them differently. It could be a troublesome neighbor, a toddler who wants attention; make sure to take a step and get your act together back before tackling the issue.

Take a deep breath, give yourself a time out and do something that will relax your muscles like walking, bathing, meditation, yoga, etc., to help you calm down. Also, try and get rid of all items from your to-do list that get on your nerves. 

Prioritize Rest

Your body is undergoing a lot of stress and changes during pregnancy. This makes it essential to prioritize rest at this period. It is necessary to understand that the pregnancy period is not a time to stay up late, take in an extra hour at work, or sign up for another course overseas. The body is typically under strain as it is already overworking to form the baby. You can make this process easy and smooth yourself by getting the required rest. 

Your rest should not be limited to nighttime only. Make sure to get as many naps as possible during the day. Besides, in no circumstance should you sacrifice eight hours of sleep every night. With this, your energy level will be up so you can reduce the physical discomfort common with pregnancy, such as back pain, headache, and swollen feet. 


The surging hormones responsible for your mood swings during pregnancy are perfectly normal. They are designed by nature to help support your baby and make her grow well. While you might not avoid them, here are tips that will help you cope with them effectively.