Can Depression Be A Reason For Erectile Dysfunction?

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Depression is becoming a new normal affecting every 1 in 8 people worldwide. No matter whom you meet, they must have faced an instance of Depression at least once in their lifetime. Though the symptoms of Depression are treatable, the taboo around the subject always takes away an opportunity for people to live their lives to the fullest. 

Depression has a direct impact on a person’s physical and mental health. But did you know it also affects your sexual ability?

Is there a link between Depression and Erectile dysfunction (ED)?

The human body’s functions are interlinked. As per one research study, around 82 percent of men who reported erectile dysfunction had experienced symptoms of Depression. Moreover, men and women suffering from severe Depression have experienced a dip in their sexual activity. 

That means science proves a direct linkage between Depression and ED.

How does Depression affect Sexual Activity in men?

Erection starts with the development of sexual urges in the brain. ED happens when a person doesn’t have enough brain chemicals to cause an erection. Here, Depression disturbs the balance in brain chemicals, ultimately reducing the desire for sex. In other words, it reduces your ability to perform well during sexual activity.

What are the symptoms of ED caused by Depression?

ED has become a common problem in men over 40 years of age. However, Depression can be a symptom of ED in the early years. If you have witnessed a drop in your sexual desire and experienced Depression, here are the red signs to watch out for:

  • A lost desire for sex
  • Sexual activity doesn’t feel pleasurable anymore
  • Anxious and Depression thoughts are causing ED etc.

How to treat ED?

There are numerous treatments online for ED; however, not all of them bear good results. Before searching for alternatives or medicines, make sure you overcome your hesitation to discuss the issue. Most men try to avoid such topics as they feel embarrassed about them. However, ED is a natural phenomenon. Also, there are various treatments for ED, such as Bluechew.

What is Bluechew?


Digitalization has helped people overcome the fears and stereotypes that earlier used to keep them away from treatments. Bluechew is one of those online services, for example. It connects men in the U.S. with a licensed medical professional through an online subscription service where they can discuss ED symptoms discreetly. 

The professional medical analyses your medical history and checks if you need erectile dysfunction treatment. Once the professional confirms the ED, you can sign up for the subscription services. 

Depending on the online prescription, you can choose monthly plans ranging from $20- $120. Once you sign up for Bluechew, you can expect to receive the monthly shipments of ED chewable right at your door. 

Who Should Take Supplements for ED?

Supplements like Bluechew are for all those men who:

  • You cannot buy pills from the store
  • Do not prefer to visit a doctor in person
  • Want to maintain their sexual activity
  • Feel trouble while taking pills

All In All

There are many services that offers discreet online services to all men who want ED treatment but cannot do so offline. They allow customers to choose their subscription plans and chewable.

If you have any questions regarding supplements like Bluechew, such as:

You can search online or visit their website. There are many a safe services that are easy to subscribe to and delivers ED chewable right to your doorstep if you suffer from depression.