4 Ways to Boost Your Confidence by Living Healthily

empowering confidence

Mental and physical health are very closely related. For a long time the two were thought to be entirely separate and rarely impactful upon one another, but now it becomes ever clearer that taking care of one can help you with the other. For many people, the root of a lot of their greater issues tends to be confidence, whether that’s not enough of it or unhealthy ways their brains have been conditioned to seek it. A poor relationship with confidence can negatively affect your life in a variety of ways, from bringing you stress in everyday situations, to preventing you from reaching your full potential. Here are some helpful and healthy ways you can increase your levels of confidence to give you a more fulfilling life.

One: Examples of Unhealthy Ways That You Should Avoid

While confidence is definitely a positive trait to possess, there are negative ways of going about achieving it. No doubt you’ll have witnessed these behaviors throughout your life, especially during school years. The first, and likely the most common unhealthy way of gaining confidence, is by making other people feel lesser. By viewing the world hierarchically like this, you will never feel truly confident as your place in the hierarchy will rarely feel stable. Making other people feel worse to comparatively make yourself feel better is a path that will eventually leave you feeling unfulfilled and lonely. Instead, demonstrate kindness and generosity. These qualities are great not only for making others feel good but also impact your own mental wellbeing in a positive way.

The second way many people attempt to increase their confidence is by taking drugs, especially alcohol. Although alcohol is, in fact, a depressant, it is surprisingly popular among those who wish to bolster themselves before doing something frightening – anything from plucking up the courage to talk to someone attractive, to bungee-jumping. Relying on something external to provide you with confidence is unhealthy for two reasons. First, you are more likely to develop an addiction which can cause health complications over time. Second, you will lack fundamental inner capabilities for building your own confidence without the need for props.

Two: Turn into the Best Version of Yourself

Sometimes, confidence isn’t as easy as simply insisting to yourself that you should behave more confidently. If there are aspects of your life that make you unhappy or lower your self-esteem, these are the best places to start altering. Around the new year, many people take on gym memberships or sign up for diet classes after the guilt of indulging in the festive season has pushed them to make a change. This counts as a push factor – something that repels you into making a choice against it. It’s well known that these resolutions rarely last as the guilt wears off and people behave as usual again. To maintain progress and achieve confidence quicker, set positive goals instead of negative repellants. For example, deciding to eat healthier because you feel unattractive will only make you feel worse on the occasions you may break your diet. Instead, focus on the aspiration you’re hoping to reach through dieting and imagine yourself enjoying these positive results.

Eating Healthier is more than just getting the right nutrients. You can eat everything healthy but if you can’t properly digest it you don’t get the full nutrition you expected. You should eat the right foods for healthier digestion as well as nutrition overall. To do this just figure out what foods are high in antioxidants, and pro and prebiotics which help the gut flora thrive and remove bad bacteria. Getting exercise is also optimal as the body works better when it’s used, moved, and exercised to peak efficiency. When the body is healthy and especially the gut, you have a better shot at feeling amazing because your body is doing amazing. Learn basic nutrition and you will start to see the connection between the body feeling and working well, and your confidence, energy, and healing progress.

Aiming for the good will help you stick it out far longer than running from your problems. It’s just a simple mind trick, but it really helps to frame your goals this way, whether that’s by exercising, eating healthier, or pushing yourself out of your comfort zone. Small steps towards feeling like the best version of yourself are always valuable, so don’t feel silly for wanting more from yourself. This website can help you improve the way you see yourself and ultimately boost your confidence. Confidence takes practice, so keeping a clear eye on what you hope to achieve will help you stay on the right path.

Counseling for stress management

Stress often mounts up as a natural response to external pressures or personal issues such as losing a job or facing a divorce. If you do not find a way to cope with anxiety or deal with your problems, you might develop more serious mental health issues. Professionals such as psychologists, therapists or counselors can help you manage their stress levels by helping them deal with these occasional difficulties. There are many alternatives to work through any excess stress that you might have accumulated over time. Sometimes seeking the advice of a professional can be the best way to be happy again.

Three: Stop Comparing

Comparing yourself to others is a natural part of being human. People are constantly assessing the world and making comparisons to find a basis from which to perceive everything. However, this is only helpful in certain circumstances, not including comparing yourself to others. Feeling superior or inferior to other people will always leave you dissatisfied in the long run. As humans, everyone finds it difficult to accept the world as the fluid, varied place that it is and people are constantly striving to see it as homogeneous and safe. Relying on this as a way of viewing reality will only serve to stress you out, so learn to see yourself as the single entity that you are. Differences do not automatically place you and other people above or below one another – in fact, hardly anyone shares the same imagined hierarchy anyway, so hoping to please everyone is pointless. The one sure thing you can do, though, is pleasing yourself. As cheesy as it might seem, staying true to your own beliefs and ways of thinking is the best way to keep a healthy, confident mind.

Four: Eat Healthily

Similar to point two, the link between mental and physical health is strong. While eating right definitely helps you become the person you want to be, it also impacts other areas of your health. Food is simply varied chemical combinations that affect our bodies and produce other chemical combinations. If you input unhealthy food, the output is negative. Mistreating your body by feeding it badly will cause you to experience any number of illnesses and unpleasant symptoms. It is hard to feel confident when you are focusing on recovery and extended periods in a hospital have a negative effect on mental health. By eating better, you can avoid trips to the hospital and improve your body and mind. Just as berries are good for your heart, greens like spinach are excellent at combating illnesses such as depression and insomnia. Vitamin deficiencies can negatively affect your entire body, including the brain, so feed yourself properly and watch your mental health improve. A strong body and mind is the perfect basis for building confidence.