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Guest posting is a great strategy relevant and attractive for those who want to get quality traffic. Practice shows that the implementation of this strategy brings high-quality results. At the same time, it does not matter what field of activity you are engaged in – you still can find platforms in any niche for guest posting. Below we will talk about such a sphere as healthcare and discover health blogs that are suitable for getting started with this strategy.

What Is the Essence of Guest Posting?

There are a lot of link-building opportunities that will allow business owners to become popular, attract a target audience, and get to the top of search results. The essence of this strategy is that you need to prepare the best content for platforms from your or semi-business niche. 

Typically, such platforms require original content that has not been previously published anywhere. In return, you get an influx of traffic and potential audience because such a post will host a link to your site.

Accordingly, both parties benefit from such a collaboration. The platform receives quality content, and in return, you receive an influx of traffic from potential consumers. What do you need to implement this strategy? Just find a suitable health guest blog and post your article in blogs.

6 Health Blogs That Are Suitable For Guest Posting

It may take some time to find suitable sites that are ready to cooperate with guest posts creators. Most pay attention to the most popular and reputable blogs, but they often refuse to cooperate.

But there are still reputable medical blogs that willingly cooperate on this basis. Below you will find several sites that are open to such cooperation in 2021 and are suitable for medical topics.

medical school


This is one of the more popular health blogs out there. This is a good place even for SEO for dental clinics and for doctors to show professionalism thanks to valuable content for users. 

Accordingly, there are more stringent requirements for such cooperation as guest posting. Here you can’t publish commercial posts. Of course, only unique and high-quality content is accepted here. But undoubtedly this blog will bring good results for SEO and target audience influx.


This is an equally popular blog in its niche and it is one of the oldest in the industry. The platform is open for guest posting cooperation. Posts that are related to mental health are gladly accepted. To start cooperation with this platform, make sure to discover their requirements. Submit your article to be reviewed by their team, and in a case of engaging, valuable, and well-researched content, it is likely to be published.

Digital Health Today

If you are interested in such a direction as health tech, then this platform is what you need. The blog is focused on technology-oriented articles, so if you want to talk about innovation and new technology in medicine, then this is what you need.

As for collaboration, you need to prepare a post of 600-1000 words. Go to the official site and check out the content requirements.


This platform is ideal for those looking for a place to post long-read posts. The length of the article should be between 600 and 2000 words. The platform is suitable for expert articles that will be useful to the user.

As for the requirements, only unique publications can be posted here. Go to the website in order to get acquainted with all the requirements for a guest posting in more detail.

Healthy Debate

The platform requires quality content without grammar mistakes in the length of 500-750 words. It will take no more than one week to review your post, and it will be published in one to two weeks.

The advantage of working with this blog is that the platform allows duplicate content. That is, you can prepare an article for this site and then publish the same post somewhere else.

Health On A Budget

The purpose of this platform is to provide users with practical and useful content. To start cooperation with the platform, you need to contact the team through the contact form. Your application for such cooperation will be considered for about one to two weeks.

The platform only requires unique content that has not been previously published. The article must be at least 750 words long.


Consider the platforms we have reviewed above and make sure to get started with placing guest posts. This is an equally winning strategy for SEO and target audience boost, plus, in some cases, you will be able to reuse the content created. 

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