The Health Benefits of Transition Lenses


Do you have poor vision and require glasses? Glasses wearers all know the annoyance of having to frequently switch between prescription glasses and prescription sunglasses. However, there is an easy solution to this problem and that is to opt for photochromatic lenses instead. Find out more about the health benefits of this type of lens, so you can decide on whether or not this is the right type of lens for you. 

What Exactly Are Transition Lenses?

Transition lenses (AKA, photochromic lenses), are a type of lens that will change and adapt depending on what type of light you are in. This optimizes your eyesight, so when you are outside in bright sunlight, the lenses will darken and appear more like sunglasses. However, at night or when you are back indoors they will return back to being completely clear. The lenses will on become darker when there are short wavelengths in sunlight, so there is no need to fret that the darkened lenses will be triggered inside by artificial lighting.

The Pros of Getting Transition Lenses

Many people opt for transition lenses when picking out new glasses as there are so many fantastic benefits to them. Here, we are taking you through some of the fantastic benefits of opting for this type of frame.

One of the main reasons why people opt for transition lenses is that they can reduce the amount of strain placed on your eyes due to having to squint in the sunlight. These lenses will automatically adapt to light conditions and as they rapidly change they will lessen any glare. It does this by regulating how much natural light your eyes are exposed to. How much your lenses darken all depends on how much natural sunlight there is, so don’t worry about walking around with lenses that are far too dark for the place that you are in.

Along with reducing strain on your eyes, transition lenses will also reduce the light sensitivity of your eyes as they will be protected from harmful UV rays. This can help to prevent other eye related issues from developing such as cataracts.

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What people love about these lenses is also how stylish they can be. You can choose to have your lenses in a tint to suit you which is normally brown or grey. The lens material can also be very lightweight depending on which one you decide to opt for and you can combine its benefits with a number of different other lens variations including bifocal, single and progressive.

If you are on a budget, transition lenses can be a great option as this means you only need to invest in one pair of glasses as they will act as both your normal glasses and prescription sunglasses. This is also a lot more convenient as it means you won’t need to keep switching between two different pairs of glasses and you are then also as a result less likely to misplace your glasses and leave them lying around somewhere!

Finally, transition lenses will simply overall help your eyesight to be much crisper and when you are out in the sunlight colors will also appear more vivid.

The Cons of Getting Transition Lenses

There are not too many cons to getting transition lenses as the benefits definitely outweigh the cons in most situations. However, they, of course, will not always be perfect for everyone!

If you are looking to purchase transition lenses because you have to switch between glasses often when driving, then this type of lens will unfortunately not solve your problem. Transitions lenses do not work in cars while you are driving as the UV rays that trigger the glasses to darken are blocked by the windshield. However, there is new technology constantly being developed and car-friendly transition lenses are sure to be released in the future. You can also enjoy using transition lenses if you own a convertible car.

Another con of using transition lenses is that they are not usually ideal if you are having outdoor photographs taken. While you are outside, the lenses will darken and so this will obviously be reflected in any pictures that you have taken which may not be the look that you are going for. Of course, this is only a minor inconvenience and for most people, this is not enough to dissuade them from buying transition lenses. However, if you love the rock star look, then this may even be a pro for you instead of a con!

Transition lenses are a fantastic option for most people and you can enjoy all of these amazing health benefits upon purchasing them. Clariti lenses are great contacts that can help your deteriorating eyesight.