Are fitness apps a valid substitute for a personal trainer?

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As the pandemic restrictions finally start subsiding, lots of people feel the urge to battle the effects of long lockdowns and sedentary life. A lot of smart apps such as calorie counters and activity trackers promise to be the perfect solution for amateur fitness enthusiasts. Some go as far as to predict the end of personal training in general, as people will be able to train themselves much more efficiently with the sole help of their own smartphone. But can these high-tech fitness apps truly be a valid substitute to a professionally trained personal trainer?

Most of these apps boast a broad range of really interesting features, such as huge collections of workouts, the opportunity to mix different workouts during sessions, and even the chance to integrate themselves with activity trackers and nutrition apps. The most expensive ones even tout their advanced use of modern AIs to finely-tune the workouts, customize your training, and provide the user with the closest experience to hiring a personal trainer you can get.

However, despite all the claims, a professional trainer such as thos found at Amplify Fitness, is on a completely different level. Simply put: an app works just as much as you are willing to make it work. Without anyone checking what you really do and pushing you to do your best, you’re alone with your own laziness. Which means, if you really are into fitness, and probably hired a real personal trainer a couple of times in the past, the app can easily help you train on your own between sessions. But if still struggle with the everyday challenge of having to force yourself into a truly meaningful workout session, there’s so much an app can do.

Personal trainers will push you much farther, much faster. You’re going to grow by leaps and bounds with someone who watches over you, tune your exercises on your individual needs, and provide you with all that so-much necessary advice on what you’re doing wrong. A personal trainer can and will help you explore your potential, while an app is just a silent database of workout sessions that can remind you that you’re supposed to do something.

In a nutshell, if you’re looking for a top shelf fitness experience, no app can truly become the substitute of a human personal trainer!