6 Kratom Strains To Reduce Body Pain

Kratom leaves

Kratom is an efficient substance that has served numerous purposes over the years. It’s available in various strains, which are highly revered for their unique features. Since its discovery in the Asian continent, this herb has been at the forefront of bettering the lives of its users and now there’s a lot of people who want to buy Vietnam kratom (see more here) for its alleged healing properties.

What’s more exciting is that modern medicine has embraced the strains in question to act as pain relievers. While they act as painkillers, the strains are also known to string along with incomparable feelings of motivation and happiness.

Here are different strains of Kratom that reduce body pain.

1. Green Vein Kratom

It’s widely acclaimed for its capacity to boost moods and ensure a smooth flow of positive feelings. Green vein kratom strain is harmless when used regularly. Consistent use yields the bountiful harvest of a painless life.

It also boasts other grand benefits such as boosting concentration levels and leaves no side effects such as drowsiness. Green vein strain works as a sedative and is widely used in modern medicine.

Its mild nature may confuse most first-time users into thinking it’s not as effective. On the contrary, the green vein strain helps with stress-related issues and also enhances energy levels.

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Green Vein Kratom

2. Maeng Da Kratom

This particular strain is famous for its ability to induce much-needed feelings of euphoria. One of Maeng da kratom’s most appreciated features is its pain-numbing abilities.

It possesses analgesic properties due to the presence of alkaloids. On the bright side, the level of alkaloids it contains does not contribute to adverse side effects on the user.

Instead, the alkaloids assist in the treatment and induction of various pain types. Among the worst nightmares that fitness enthusiasts have to endure is muscle pain. Intense workouts have contributed to the hospitalization of most victims.

Thanks to the Maeng da kratom strain, this problem has been put to sleep. It alleviates muscle pain, tiredness, and chronic pain, making it easier for those affected by pain to have a healthy dose of sleep every night.

Unlike most pain relievers, Maeng da Kratom doesn’t have common side effects such as unconsciousness or feelings of dizziness. However, anyone using this strain for the first time must do so under the prescription of a certified doctor.

Though it’s not certain that the user may be dependent on it at some point, it’s better to be safe and avoid shocking ordeals.

Maeng Da Kratom

3. Red Vein Bali Kratom

Though every strain is unique in its own way, Red Vein Bali Kratom stands out as well.

Compared to its counterparts, this strain contains more alkaloids, which is a beneficial feature for its users. Its scent alone is enough to send the user into a much calmer and soothing state.

Its high alkaloid content is the reason behind its remarkable ability to alleviate different kinds of pain. One of its most potent ingredients, Mitragynine, kills pain by coming into contact with the pain receptors in your body.

Red Vein Bali kratom strain stands out from all ordinary painkillers due to its phenomenal ability to handle severe physical pain. Aside From being a competent and trusted painkiller, Red Vein Bali kratom also alleviates anxiety.

Red Vein Bali Kratom

4. Red Borneo

Natives of Southeast Asia harvest its leaves, dry them, then grind them till they achieve a powder-like appearance. Red Borneo is then consumed by mixing with boiling water to savor its rich pain-numbing abilities.

It has a pleasant smell which consists of an earthy and natural scent. Its fanatics have come to appreciate each of its features and are yet to discover more underlying benefits.

Red Borneo acts more slowly than other strains and is more effective when taken before bedtime. This facilitates a more energetic and positive feeling when you wake up after hours of sleep.

It can be used in the long term to quell acute pains and calm the nerves. It also heightens your levels of focus and leaves the user feeling happy and content.

5.   White Vein Kratom

As the name suggests, this strain is white and remains so until it’s exposed to the sun and turns red. Most people consume it for its high medicinal potency.

It has a higher advantage over other kratom strains due to its ability to interact with all the receptors relevant to pain, such as dopamine, opiate, and serotonin. This epic interaction not only puts a stop to hurt it also helps in overcoming anxiety.

It’s easier to process white vein kratom strain into the user’s system because of its color. This means its effects manifest much quicker and easier, leaving the consumer refreshed and energized.

6. Red Vein Kratom

It’s named so due to its red color that stands out from all the rest. The red vein kratom strain is widely consumed to influence calmness in the mind and body.

It drives away moods of somberness and quickly replaces them with euphoric moods. Taking them in larger doses according to the doctor’s instructions increases the duration of such positive feelings.


Each kratom strain has a specific role to play when consumed. It’s essential first to understand the effects that each one has on your body before finishing them.


Technically kratom is legal at the federal level. However, in some states and municipalities, it has been banned by local authorities. Make sure to check its legal status in your state or country before buying, selling, growing, or consuming kratom.