6 Health Wonders Of Cannabis That Everyone Should Know

medical marijuana
Medical Marijuana - Photo by: Yutaka Seki - Source: Flickr Creative Commons

There is a lot of confusion when it comes to the effects of cannabis, and the scientifically proven health benefits of this plant have ever been growing. In this article, we will talk about the diverse benefit of this controversial plant. 

The cannabis plant contains CBD, an essential chemical that has a positive impact on the brain. It makes the brain function at a better state together with THC that’s being used to relieve chronic pain. These two substances are extracted from cannabis and undergo some enhancement which we call a short-path distillery process. Here are some of the mind-blowing benefits cannabis can bring to our health.

Brings Relief to Chronic Pain

If you study the chemical composition of cannabis, you will discover that there are hundreds of compounds that have a positive effect on our health. One of these is cannabinoids. The chemical called cannabinoids has always been connected in treating chronic pain. It’s also the reason why some weed products have been approved medically for the treatment of chronic pain. 

Weight loss Benefits

Amazing and can be hard to believe but if you try to look around, you will see that marijuana enthusiasts don’t have weight problems at all. In contrast with the popular belief that using cannabis can drive weight gain, it actually helps us shed some pounds. Cannabis is proven to help with our body’s insulin regulation together with effectively managing our calorie intake.

Diabetes Prevention and Regulation

As we talked about earlier with marijuana’s impact on our insulin levels, this supports that cannabis is efficient in preventing and regulating diabetes. In a study conducted by the AAMC (American Alliance for Medical Cannabis), cannabis has been an effective sugar stabilizer. Other than that, it’s also effective in lowering our blood pressure together with improving blood circulation.

Helps fight cancer

This might be the biggest breakthrough when it comes to the medical benefit of using cannabis. It is linked to fighting cancer cells and there has been solid evidence that proves cannabinoids can help kill cancer or at least, some of its types.

An Aid for Mental health conditions

From depression, anxiety, ADHD, ADD, PTSD to autism, cannabis has shown a promising treatment for these mental conditions. The endocannabinoid compound found in marijuana is efficient in stabilizing the brain and our mood which is important when it comes to mental health. It also helps calm the patients and bring better mood control. Cannabis is now being used to treat children who have autism, especially those who have a tendency of being violent in their mood swings. In addition, marijuana is medically used as a treatment to promote focus and help patients with ADHD. Medical experts had also agreed that it’s a much safer alternative than using drugs such as Ritalin and Diazepam.


With all of these medical benefits, cannabis should not be demonized as it currently is. It certainly has many downsides, and that’s why it still is a restricted or illegal substance in many countries. However, in due time, science will help us find better ways to use this plant safely to treat many conditions.