CBD Isolate Vs Full-Spectrum CBD Concentrates

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By now, you must have heard the term CBD. It stands for Cannabidiol. Over the past year, CBD has gained a bad reputation for being one of the most addictive substances in the market. 

However, this notion is now slowly disappearing after knowing its benefits. Today, CBD is almost everywhere – in coffee shops, skincare products, and even the medical field. But is it really what it’s hyped to be?

Advocates of CBD claim that this substance might have addictive properties, but the chemical compounds are really effective in treating anxiety, internal inflammation, and depression. Edens herbals has a brief guide about the benefits of it. Hope, you will find it useful.

Although there are many benefits, there is still much to know about CBD. Currently, the FDA has approved only one CBD product – a prescribed drug Epidilolex. This prescribed drug is used to treat two rare forms of Epilepsy.

Theoretically, there are hundreds of different CBDs types depending on the cannabinoids’ contents and extraction process. But currently, we are only aware of these three types.

  • CBD Isolates
  • Full Spectrum CBD Concentrates
  • Broad Spectrum CBD Concentrates

 Out of these three, the most used CBD are Isolates, and Full spectrum concentrates. So today, we will talk about only these two and try to see how they are different from each other.

What Are CBD Isolates

CBD Isolates – as the name implies – are the true CBD. This is because all the other compounds found in cannabis plants are extracted, leaving the CBD compound intact.

The process is really complex. Perhaps this is why the final product is in the form of crystal or white powder.

CBD isolates are the purest form, and hence, they do not contain cannabinoids, terpenes, healthy fatty acids, or other plant compounds.

CBD isolates are created in the same process as CBD oils. The only difference is that once the cannabinoids are extracted out, CBD is filtered. The filtered out CBD is then put through the chilling process called winterization. It removes all the other plant compounds.

The use of isolation is quite simple. Most people prefer CBD isolates for vaping. But it has also been seen people directly place it under the tongue. To know more about CBD isolates, visit this website.

CBD Isolates: Pros & Cons


After seeing how addictive CBD can be, some countries have started working on banning CBD-based products. Till now, a 0.3% THC is allowed. However, some companies are adding high qualities of THC to make their products more effective.

Seeing how addictive these products can be, many countries are banning CBD with higher THC value. Fortunately, CBD isolate does not have any THC and hence is safer.

CBD isolate is 99% pure in its isolate form. This gives a clear advantage over the other CBD-based products.

When using CBD isolates, there is less chance to overdose yourself. Once easily measured the exact amount and take it like medication.

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While we can clearly see the advantage of pure CBD, there are a few reasons why most people avoid using it. 

Studies show that when a person takes a small dose of CBD isolates, it hardly shows any effect. This is because CBD alone cannot stimulate your brain; it needs all the other compounds for support and works well.

In the case of CBD isolates, it causes an entourage effect. Many CBD specialists believe that the lack of THC and other natural compounds like turpentine and flavonoids may reduce its potency.

What Are Full-Spectrum CBD Concentrates

Full Spectrum CBD concentrates are different from CBD isolates. This is because full-spectrum CBD concentrates have all of the other cannabinoid compounds along with the CBD. For this very reason, Full spectrum CBD concentrates are called Full or Whole Plant Extract.

In the full spectrum extract, the CBD goes through the cannabinoid extractions and filtration process. However, the process is in the name only. Nothing is filtered out. The end product still has all the other plant compounds along with CBD.

By now, you know that CND concentrate has all the chemical compounds. That being said, it also has THC. However, the THC value is not enough to make you HIGH.

Full-Spectrum CBD Concentrates: Pros & Cons


Many studies have investigated the potential benefits of full-spectrum CBD concentrates. But, due to lack of human research, it is hard to get conclusive evidence on CBD concentrates being medically beneficial.

However, such studies have a massive shortcoming; the studies were made of small sample size, using animals instead of people and only looking for simple effects.

Despite the lack of evidence, CBD concentrates do have several benefits. Users have claimed it to be effective against cancer and acne.

In addition, there might be some health benefits that scientists might not have identified yet. Hence, due to a lack of accurate evidence, people should be careful with the dosage and must stick with moderate uses.


Coming to its cons, Full Spectrum CBD Concentrates are not the inexpensive form in the market. In fact, there aren’t many companies that are producing it. This makes me extremely rare and hard to get.

What’s more, CBD concentrates come with all the chemical compounds found in the cannabis plant. That means it also contains THC., the same THC that has a bad reputation for making people HIGH.

Overdose of CBD concentrate can be dangerous and can sometimes be life-threatening. Hence, even if you use CBD concentrate to treat anxiety, depression, and other mental health problems, ensure that you are sticking with a low dose.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What Is CBD Isolate?

CBD isolate is a crystalline solid or white powder that contains 99% of CBD.it follows a traditional extraction method to remove all the chemical compounds from the cannabis plant. The end product you see is a crystalline or ewhite powder form of pure CBD or CBD isolates.

Q2: Will CBD Isolate Products Get You High?

CBD is extracted from cannabis plants. But it doesn’t have the same ability to create euphoric effects like marijuana and THC. CBD may have the chemical compound to make you relaxed and less anxious, but you won’t get high.

Final Note

As you can see, CBD isolates and BD concentrates have different chemical compositions. This different chemical composition is what brings different effects. 

Full-spectrum CBD contains all the cannabinoids and other plant compounds. On the other hand, CBD isolates contain CBD that is mostly found in crystal or white powder.

On the final note, both CBD isolates and concentrates offer different advantages. No matter which CBD you use, use it after reading the label and its contents.