5 Types of Teas That Will Remove Your Stress

mint tea

Teas are excellent herbal medicines that have been around for ages. There are over 3000 types of teas, and each of them comes with its medicinal benefits and uses. Some can help to prevent cancer, while some can even help you fight off inflammation and boost your immune system. 

However, one of the best-known medicinal benefits of tea is its ability to reduce stress. What types of tea do this, you may ask? If you’re reading this to find the answer to that question, you’re in luck. Here is a list containing five of the best teas that can help you to reduce stress.

Mint Teas

Mint is a flavor that has a lot of relaxing properties. For one, it helps to soothe the body. As you may already have noticed, many of us are engrossed in work and thus, don’t pay attention to taking care of our bodies. When we don’t take care of our bodies, it tends to lead to the development of several medical conditions. In some cases, it can even put you in a life-threatening situation.

Mint tea can help you relax from a long day at work, so it’s a necessity to have it in your kitchen. The best part about this tea is that you can take it anywhere and at any time of the day! In addition to relieving stress, many people also use it as a remedy for indigestion. 

Kratom Tea

Kratom is a substance gotten from the Kratom tree. This tree is originally from southeast Asia, and its leaves are filled with mitragynine, which functions similarly to several opioids. A little while ago, kratom was banned in a lot of countries. Many people who knew its medicinal benefits fought for its legalization. The kratom drug is now legal in many countries and states in the U.S.

That said, kratom is known for its stress-relieving properties. It is metabolized by the liver CYP450 isoenzymes, primarily by CYP3A4. Kratom comes in many forms, one of which is white dragon powder. Many people know white dragon powder for its healing abilities. It also helps to reduce anxiety which in turn reduces stress. If you want more info about white dragon powder, it would be best to look at multiple stores online. Many of them offer up vital information for you to choose the best white dragon powder variant.

Lavender teas

Lavender teas are pretty simple to make. Although the United States has not acknowledged it as a supplement, many people before us have known about its medicinal properties for ages. It has a lot of relaxation properties, and it is a good supplement for sleep. If you’ve been having trouble sleeping and you’re feeling pains all over your body, this tea is a fantastic supplement to take daily. Improving your sleep quality helps you manage your stress more effectively and feel better. 

Additionally, many people use this lavender tea to cure depression and anxiety, as multiple studies have proven. The most common way people brew lavender is by using its buds. Get a cup of hot water, and then slowly add the lavender buds in. Wait for the contents of the buds to dilute in the water, and then stir carefully. 

Chamomile Teas

Another popular tea beverage that can help you reduce stress is chamomile tea. People from the Asteraceae family have consumed this herb for centuries, so many people can attest to its medicinal benefits. 

One of the ways it can reduce stress is by aiding sleep. Chamomile has a lot of antioxidants you can use to beat the effects of stress physically. It even helps to suppress the occurrence of some diseases like cancer and heart diseases!

A study shows that people who took generous amounts of chamomile tea had less trouble sleeping for the night duration. Scientists need to conduct more studies to determine the exact effects of chamomile teas. However, the facts so far show that chamomile tea is exceptionally beneficial. 


When you see matcha for the first time, you may think it’s green tea. It may look similar to green tea, but it has significantly different properties. For one, matcha contains far more nutrients and antioxidants when compared to green tea. It also contains a lot more caffeine, a stimulant that would keep you active for the whole day. Additionally, it has an “anti-stress” component. This anti-stress component is called L-theanine. When you start taking matcha regularly, you will experience less stress in your daily life. No wonder it’s the most popular tea to date!

Final Thoughts 

Stress is something we all have to deal with. However, too much stress can lead to you developing several medical issues. Fortunately, these five teas mentioned above can help you reduce stress easily yet healthy.