5 Surprising Health Benefits Of Cannabis Tea

cannabis tea

Most people are tea lovers, but the conventional milk-based tea now has many spinoffs. There is green tea, black tea, hibiscus tea, chamomile tea, herbal tea to please your senses. But most people have not heard about the goodness of CBD tea.

For first-timers, Cannabis tea is also known as pot tea, marijuana tea, and weed tea. It has been growing in popularity all over the world. It is a cannabis-infused drink which involves steeping of the cannabis plant in hot or cold water. To discover its impact on your health, you can buy it from a reputed online retailer.

History of Cannabis Tea

Cannabis or CBD Tea has a long history. It is said to have originated in the Caribbean island of Jamaica and also in India. Cannabis tea is well-known for its medical benefits. Many pregnant mothers in Jamaica have used cannabis tea to cure morning sickness, nausea, stress and anxiety. In some countries, cannabis tea is a safe and people use it as a healthy substitute to quit smoking. Gentler on the body than smoking marijuana, cannabis tea keeps the mind alert.

CBD tea is also a great edible beverage to use discreetly. Some people may be wondering how to hide the weed taste in edibles, but this is not a problem with cannabis tea since they won’t smell strongly of marijuana.      

Health Benefits of Cannabis Tea   

CBD tea is a popular way to enjoy cannabis. The addition of therapeutic herbs and spices enhances its strength and vitality. The cannabis tea prepared comes up as a holistic remedy. Let us see how it influences health and wellness in our daily life.

Cures Headaches

There are many reasons for a headache. It can be a lack of sleep, staring at the screen for constant hours, or drinking excess caffeine. Migraine can happen in a situation that is bad already. According to research studies, drinking CBD tea helps in pain control. It also has therapeutic properties for managing acute and chronic pain episodes.

Adding herbs like chamomile, peppermint in tea treats headaches, and brings pain relief. These herbs have valuable anti-inflammation properties.   

Fights Insomnia

Sleep deficiency is a common ailment these days. Workload or stress plays chaos with sleep. Start sipping CBD tea. It addresses anxiety, helps you relax, and gets you a good sleep. Add calming infusions like peppermint or a herbal mixture of Valerian, Melatonin, and Skull Cap to CBD and Chamomile for better sleep.

Manages Anxiety

Chronic anxiety can lead to severe bouts of depression. Cannabis tea has healing properties and mood-enhancers. This helps in bringing a vivid change in the affected person’s outlook towards his/her ailment. Cannabis plays the twin role of reducing anxiety moods and increasing the sense of positivity and well-being. This paves the door of self-healing.

Combats Arthritis

Joint Pain and Arthritis are painful diseases. They not only affect the elderly, but even young adults experience it. Lifestyle habits have a lot to contribute to it.

Whether it is spending long hours at the desk, lack of physical movement, sports injury, or hereditary bone disease, arthritis is common now.

Drinking CBD tea allows the Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) to filter through the body to reduce joint pain. Apart from the calming effect of CBD tea, patients suffering from arthritis feel physical and mental relief. 

Boosts Gut Health

Count on CBD-infused tea for its excellent support in handling an upset intestine. Herbal teas with a dash of peppermint extract, lemongrass, ginger, and licorice is a time-tested gut remedy. Ginger is the most effective in preventing nausea and vomiting during pregnancy and chemotherapy. It is also affordable.
CBD is one step ahead in treating irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). It gives comfort from bad food when taken with stomach-soothing herbs. There are CBD capsules to promote healthy digestion and gut health. Settling an upset stomach is easy with CBD products.

CBD THC oil extract

How to Make Cannabis Tea

It is easy to make a cup of cannabis-infused tea. The ingredients are simple. Take a look:


  • Dry cannabis flower
  • Water
  • Cannabis tincture
  • Coconut oil or butter

Method of Preparation:

Preparing a cannabis tea is an extremely simple procedure. Here all the steps you must follow:

  • Boil up to 3-4 cups of water in a pot, then infuse the water with cannabis flowers.
  • Make a cannabis infusion by adding a tablespoon of fat (coconut oil or butter), tea leaves and water. The fat is necessary to extract the active ingredients of cannabis since they’re not soluble in just water.
  • Now add a cannabis tincture (cannabis-infused alcohol) to the tea concoction, and let it simmer at a very low heat for at least 15 minutes.
  • Strain the cannabis using a strainer or a dry cloth. Pour the water through the cloth into a different bowl or directly into your teapot.
  • CBD-infused tea is now ready to drink. Enjoy!

If you still need help, here’s a quick video:


Now that you have read the health benefits of cannabis tea, make sure to include it in your daily routine. It gives you a bonus of herbs and botanicals. Its antioxidants and healthy vitamins nourish your body with the valuable nutrients needed. Drink CBD tea as a preventive therapy and boost your health.

Article edited and fact checked by our editorial team


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