5 Benefits of Eating Organic Meat


There’s an old saying in life, “You are what you eat.” What does this mean? This means that your diet will have a huge impact on your health. 

If you are on a poor diet, your health may suffer. This is the main reason why you must take measures to ensure that you’re not consuming foods that are detrimental to your health. 

With the growing popularity of organic meat, it’s reasonable to say that many consumers are now starting to get the message. According to recent statistics, the organic meat market has become a multi-billion dollar business. 

Why are more consumers leaving conventional meat behind? Studies show that consumers are stating that they favor the nutrient profile behind organic products. 

Is there a huge difference between organic meat and conventional meat? In this article from GTAMeats.ca, we will look at the differences between both products. We will also cover the advantages of consuming organic meat. 

What is Organic Meat?

Unlike conventional livestock, organic livestock must be raised on strict organic crop production standards. Their feed cannot be a mixture of conventional and organic ingredients. The feed must be certified organic. 

During the entire grazing season, the livestock must have direct access to organic pasture. We must also point out that 30 percent of their overall diet must come from the organic pasture. 

What You Need to Know About Conventional Meat

Conventional meat is saturated with herbicides, growth-enhancing hormones, and pesticides. These substances pose a serious threat to your health. Some are unaware that these substances are designed to kill weeds, fungi, and pesky insects. 

When you switch to organic meat, you will eliminate the risk of consuming toxic chemicals that can make you ill. In the end, your body will appreciate your decision. 

What are the Benefits of Eating Organic Meat?

Adding organic meat to your diet offers many wonderful benefits that you cannot afford to ignore. Let’s go over them. 

1. A Better Taste 

Healthy soil is well known for producing better-tasting products. The chemicals found in soil for conventional meat is filled with growth-enhancing chemicals that eliminates minerals and vitamins. 

Organic meat is filled with nutrients. This is why it has a delicious flavor. 

2. Organic Livestock is not Injected with Antibiotics

It’s a custom practice to inject animals with antibiotics these days. This increases the animal’s size, so that it provides more meat. This helps the producer make more money, but it comes at a price. The consumer’s health is affected. 

Unfortunately, many consumers don’t know this. If they did, I believe you would see more people eating organic meat. Fortunately, you are reading this article. 

What happens when you consume a large sum of antibiotics? Your immune system will lose its ability to ward off disease. A compromised immune system may leave you prone to coming down with a serious illness. 

3. Avoid Getting Alzheimer’s Disease

Medical research shows that some herbicides and pesticides found in conventional meat may be connected to Alzheimer’s disease. The studies also indicate that these harmful substances may be linked to birth defects. 

Why should you gamble with your health? In our humble opinion, you should not eat food that can interfere with your brain’s health. I personally feel that you should go organic, so that you can keep your brain intact. 

4. Get More Nutrients

When it comes to organic meat, the vitamin levels will surpass your expectations. To our surprise, we found out that organically raised livestock contain at least 40% more nutrients than conventional livestock. 

This is a huge game changer. When you consume more nutrients, you will feel better. Your body will be able to perform at an optimum level. 

5. You Will Help the Environment

You are supporting the environment when you buy organic meat. Buying meat from organic farms lowers the degradation and pollution that’s harming our soil. Please keep in mind this leads to long-term harmful effects. 

The environment will be better off if these harmful substances are not introduced to animals, plants, and water. If you care about our environment, you should consider buying organic meat. 

I just want to make one more point about this issue. Most of your drinking water is purified before it reaches your home. However, the pasteurization method does not remove all the pesticides. 

We can put a stop to this by focusing on purchasing organic meat. I don’t think it’s fair for farmers to use pesticides that put our health and environment at risk. 

Final Words

More consumers are buying organic meat as time progresses. Switching to organic meat offers many advantages that you cannot afford to overlook. Reading this article should convince you that eating organic meat can improve your health. Besides making the big switch, you may want to think about buying a few organic meat t-shirts. This would be a great way to show the world that you care about your health and the environment.