5 Benefits Of A Comfortable Nursing Uniform

Gone are the days when you see nurses wearing starched white dresses, paired with a spiffy cap, walking around the hospital. In today’s modern world, the accepted nursing uniform now are scrubs. And, there are many reasons why scrubs are the new normal!

Walk Around With Ease

Unlike office workers, nurses spend most of their time on their feet. They don’t stay too long behind their desks or at their stations, and are constantly making rounds to check vitals, lift patients, or assist in surgeries. 

Those are the reasons why it’s crucial that they have a comfortable nursing uniform that allows them to move around easily. Medical scrubs not only look like pajamas, but they also feel like one!  Featuring elasticized waists, pant legs, loose-fitting sleeves, the best scrubs can allow nurses easy movement. Of course, good nursing shoes complete the look. Since they spend a lot of time walking or running to emergencies, a comfy pair of shoes, unlike the low-heeled ones used years ago, should keep them nimble and quick. 


Makes Patients Feel Comfortable Too

While white coats are still worn by medical professionals, the bright white nurse uniform is long gone. The whiteness can show cleanliness and professionalism; however, it somehow makes the patients less comfortable. It tends to be pretty harsh to the eyes, especially when under hospital room lighting. Plus, seeing blood, stains, or any other fluid on a white uniform can be quite unsettling for the patients.  

Today, nurse uniforms come in numerous colors and even come with varying prints and styles. These make them more calming and soothing to patients. Also, seeing colorful scrubs with cute or funny designs tends to be uplifting and makes nurses more approachable, particularly with kids. 

Easy Accessibility

Today’s nursing uniforms also offer easy accessibility. Most scrubs are designed with ample pocket space in order to make it easier to carry around equipment and tools. For instance, nurses will need to carry their writing utensils, bandage scissors, IV caps, penlights, and other medical accessories while making their rounds.

With that said, the number and size of pockets can vary significantly on the uniform. While some scrubs offer minimal pockets for cleaner aesthetics, others will have several hidden pockets to carry more medical accessories without looking too bulky. These provide nurses the needed room to store their essential medical gear as they visit patients.

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Exudes A Sanitary Appearance

White nursing dress uniforms are classy for the first few minutes after putting them on. But, when every speck of blood, dirt, or any fluid becomes clearly visible, they don’t look so sophisticated anymore. Meanwhile, contemporary medical scrubs are well-fitting, flattering, and don’t highlight every stain or residue from the last patient you visited. This allows a nurse to make a sanitary and professional impression. 

Nursing uniforms aren’t just clothing pieces to cover the body. The composition and materials of medical scrubs are designed to protect the wearer from bodily fluids and spills by creating fewer opportunities for germs and stains to hide. 

Also, the color and fabric of scrubs make it easy to spot stains and spills, without being too obvious to patients and make them uncomfortable. This is particularly important in an environment with a lot of opportunities for hazardous chemicals and germ transmissions.  

Furthermore, nurses can easily change into a fresh set of scrubs while throwing the stained ones into the hospital’s laundry facility. As a result, it helps in minimizing opportunities for patients and nurses to exchange contaminants and germs, both benefiting from a healthier, cleaner, and, of course, a more comfortable environment. 


Scrubs aren’t just uniforms. Most scrubs are designed to provide at least some fashion statement for the stylish nurses who want to look good and feel comfortable in what they wear while at work.

In fact, there are fashion-oriented scrubs that provide an aesthetically pleasing appearance while staying highly functional. They look amazing whether at work or walking around town after your shift.  

Furthermore, nurses can express their style and personality while remaining professional. You can find scrubs with various prints and colors that suit your taste so you can feel more confident and comfortable wearing them outside the workplace. 



Nurses work in exposed surroundings. Thus, they need to dress themselves up in a proper, accurate attire that will be favorable and comfortable for their working environment, and which will reflect their professional identity— everything that a nursing scrub can offer. 

It’s no wonder scrubs are the new normal in the healthcare setting and most RNs love to wear them whether or not they’re required to. After all, these clothes are the most conducive to practicality, competency, and utmost comfort for nurses. Being a nursing student you may experience difficulty in writing nursing papers assigned in college or university.