How To Choose Medical Scrubs For Your Facility

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Medical scrubs are crucial in the healthcare industry, serving as the standard uniform for doctors and nurses. Their primary function is to safeguard against biohazards and pathogens commonly found in healthcare facilities.  

The key to this protection lies in the quality of the fabric used, with high-quality scrubs made of thick material that creates a barrier between the healthcare professional’s skin and the patient’s bodily fluids.  

With so many types of medical scrubs in the market, selecting the right one can be overwhelming. However, fear not, as this guide will help you choose the perfect medical scrubs for your facility.  

Here’s what you need to know: 

Look At Durability  

Medical scrubs are a staple in the daily work attire of healthcare professionals, including doctors and nurses. Given the frequency of use, choosing scrubs that can endure repetitive washing and constant wear without losing their quality is essential. 

What determines durability?   

The quality of medical scrubs can vary based on two factors: the material and the brand. Fabric quality is essential as some fabrics are more prone to wear and tear or thinning with constant use. 

To avoid this, choose from durable materials such as cotton, spandex, polyester, or blends of these fabrics. These materials offer ideal performance characteristics like breathability and moisture-wicking, ensuring maximum comfort. 

The brand you choose is also crucial in determining the longevity of your medical scrubs. With many manufacturers in the market, quality can differ significantly due to variations in production techniques and sources of raw materials. Therefore, it’s essential to select a brand that’s known for creating quality and long-lasting vet scrubs.  

Finally, consider seeking feedback from other healthcare professionals on the brands they prefer for their medical scrubs. By selecting the most sought-after medical scrub brand, you can be confident that you’re making a practical and reliable investment in your work attire. 

Factor In Style  

Functionality is crucial when choosing medical scrubs but pay attention to aesthetics. Feeling and looking good in your scrubs is also essential. Therefore, consider the style when selecting them. 

Medical scrubs are mainly distinguished by their designs for specific body parts. Here are the main design variations: 


When selecting medical scrubs, the neck is an essential factor to consider. The V-neckline is ideal if you have an athletic or petite body type, while the round or scoop neckline is best for shorter individuals who want to create the impression of an elongated neck. Alternatively, the split neckline is a compromise between the two. The best medical scrubs are definitely the ones that you would feel the most comfortable wearing.



There are three common types of waists to choose from for your medical scrubs. One is a loose waist, often worn by men. These have no drawstrings, and they sit on the waist freely. The other type is the wrap, which has drawstrings and aims to give a slimmer appearance.  

Lastly, there’s the princess seam. It’s ideal for women since it curves around the body, outlining the shape and curves.  


Here, there are two major options, straight-legged or flare. Straight-legged medical pants align from top to bottom, while flared pants are wider.  

Remember to choose the style that suits your body type and preference for maximum comfort and mobility. 

Consider Size  

Choosing the right size requires taking your body’s measurements. Your chest, hips, in-seams, waist, and height are the areas to measure. These will depict how wide or long your medical scrubs should be, even as you consider other factors.  

It’d help to have a professional assist you with the measuring. Alternatively, use the size chart of your chosen medical scrubs brand to determine the size you should order.   

Besides the medical scrubs fitting your body type perfectly, you should consider layering. Choosing a medical scrub that allows you to layer and wear underscrubs is advisable.  

Underscrubs, as the name suggests, are worn under your scrubs. They mainly help when the temperatures are low and when wearing a jacket or sweater isn’t ideal, especially if you’re on shift.  

Consider The Color  

Medical scrubs come in various colors. The choice depends on many things, such as preference, hospital policy, and cleanliness.   

Some facilities allow you to choose colors such as blue, pink, or black based on your preference. However, hospital policies usually govern the color code for medical professionals. 

These policies may require one color for all medical professionals or different colors to differentiate between departments or establish a hierarchy. For example, those in oncology may wear blue, while those in general medicine may wear pink. Junior residents may wear green, while seniors and bosses may wear black. 

Regarding cleanliness, you can choose dark-colored scrubs to conceal stains or light-colored ones to show higher hygiene standards to patients and other stakeholders. Whatever the case, follow the hospital’s policies while keeping your personal preference in mind. 


The importance of medical scrubs in the health industry is crystal clear. You want to choose scrubs to serve their main purpose while meeting other personal needs like comfort and style.   

The discussion above has given a guide on choosing the right medical scrubs. If you plan on buying medical scrubs, implement this guide for an easy time with the selection.