4 Questions You Might Be Afraid to Ask About CBD Oil

CBD oil

Cannabidiol, or just CBD, has been grown and used for thousands of years now. As soon as people realized that the CBD offers them numerous benefits, they started including it as a healthier substitute for other substances in their everyday lives.

With science and research, today, we know everything about cannabidiol, how it grows, and how it affects our body. Thus, there are various CBD products on the market now, while some of the most popular ones are organic CBD oils.

However, because CBD products are often hard to find and regarded as a “taboo” topic, sometimes it’s difficult for people to find the correct answers to their questions. That’s why we made a list of 4 questions you might be afraid to ask about CBD oil and answered them.

Can CBD oil affect my sexual performance?

One of the most frequently asked questions about cannabidiol and its oils is how they affect a person’s libido. Many people are afraid that CBD oil will decrease their sexual performance.

A couple of studies have been conducted relating to this topic, and the results are quite shocking. The short answer would be yes, but CBD oil can affect your sexual performance in both positive and negative ways. So, what does this depend on, and how have the studies come to such different conclusions?

On the one hand, CBD oil is used to treat physical issues and psychological ones. This includes depression, anxiety, stress, and many other mental problems people are dealing with daily. For example, if you’re taking CBD oil to combat your sexual anxiety, relaxation can assist you and drastically improve your sexual performance.

In some cases, the occasional CBD oil use even increased sexual arousal, the quality of the intercourse, and the quality of orgasm.

On the other hand, CBD oil can also harm someone’s sexual performance. Daily or regular use of CBD oil can reduce testosterone levels. In other words, the libido is lowered, meaning the sex drive is lowered as well.

Can CBD oil affect my breast milk?

While no comprehensive research has been conducted relating to this particular question, some sources say that using CBD during pregnancy and while breastfeeding can have a negative impact.

If you’re using any CBD products, CBD traces will be present in the breast milk. This means that the baby can have a small CBD dose stored in their body even up to several weeks. However, there’s still insufficient evidence about whether this can immediately affect the newborns or whether it has some consequences later on in their lives.

Although there’s not much research to support all of the claims, that doesn’t mean there’s nothing to be concerned about. So, it’s better to avoid any CBD consumption while breastfeeding to be on the safe side.

Can other people tell if I’m using CBD oils?

People use CBD oils for many reasons. Depending on the CBD levels, you can get two different results. Small CBD doses can raise alertness and reduce anxiety in people, which causes them to be more energized, talkative, and awake. Moreover, hemp oil having good quality can enhance the possibility of those health issues.

Larger doses of CBD have opposite effects, and these include sleepiness, drowsiness, and relaxation.

So, CBD oils don’t have any physically visible signs, and no one can tell if you’re using CBD oils just by looking at you. However, if you come in contact with some people that know you very well, they might be able to tell the difference in your behavior only by comparing it to how you usually behave. Otherwise, these effects aren’t as drastic for them to be noticeable by everyone.

What age do I have to be to purchase CBD oils?

CBD products, including CBD oils, can be found in many places, especially if they don’t contain any THC, known for its psychoactive effects. You can even find CBD oils in health stores and food markets, but the selection and choice options are for sure better online.

When it comes to age, most shops that sell CBD products will require an identification card that’ll prove you’re 18 or older. The same goes for online shops, as they have several procedures to make sure the CBD products don’t end up in the hands of a minor.


In sum, here you’ll find some of the questions related to CBD oils people are often afraid or embarrassed to ask. However, keep in mind that all health stores and drug stores will gladly answer all your questions, so whatever you’re concerned about, you can openly ask them.

If you’re uncomfortable with that, online shops are a great way to ask people well-educated on the topic while staying anonymous.