3 Conditions Medical Cannabis Treats

marijuana plant

There’s a reason why so many ancient cultures used cannabis as a medicine: as modern research is increasingly confirming, it can help cure or treat a wide range of conditions. Everybody has unique health needs, and it’s essential to speak to a healthcare practitioner before undertaking any treatment plan.

But medical cannabis can be an effective treatment for physical and mental conditions. Please keep reading to learn more about four conditions that people are increasingly using medical cannabis to treat.

Anxiety and Mood Disorders

Thankfully, contemporary society is emphasizing people’s mental health, working to erase historical negative stigmas that make discussing how people are feeling so tricky. Like with any other aspect of health, it’s crucial not to self-diagnose any mental health issues you may have.

Medical cannabis interacts with the body’s endocannabinoid system and the brain region that controls fear, anxiety, and stress. With the right dosage level, cultivar, and product, a healthcare practitioner or cannabis-trained pharmacist can help treat anxiety and mood disorders in patients.

There is a range of options available. Dried flower and concentrates can be excellent, while CBD oils and their benefits may be more suitable for your lifestyle. 


A recent study from the Colorado Department of Public Health concluded that people who used medical cannabis were two and a half times more likely to recover from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) than those who did not. They also saw more symptom relief.

PTSD can be debilitating because it may involve reliving horrible, damaging first-hand experiences. The people in the test used high THC flower, and it’s not exactly clear which type of cannabis treats PTSD most effectively. 

Cannabis impacts the brain, memory, and stress response. The way cannabis has improved PTSD patients is encouraging and needs to be looked at more. 

Sleep Disorders

Feeling well-rested can be the difference between a good spirit and abundant energy or feeling drained and unwell. Everyone needs a good night’s sleep, and being without one causes trickle-down effects on our overall health. 

It’s crucial to take the right kind of cannabis cultivar, product, and dosage level. Too much of the wrong type of cannabis may have the opposite effect and worsen your sleep. Some products are better suited for taking cannabis to treat sleep disorders than others.

For example, edibles may take an hour or more to feel the onset, which isn’t ideal if you’re looking to fall asleep quickly. In this case, taking a flower or a vape may be more beneficial. Speak to your healthcare practitioner or cannabis-trained pharmacist about the right approach based on your needs and a holistic view of health.

Whether you’re browsing the internet or reading high-brow print publications, there are tons of myths about medical cannabis. This ancient plant is not a magic cure-all drug, but if you get verified information and support from a trusted source, medical cannabis can help treat the above conditions and many more.