Medical Technology

Trends In Medical Marketing To Watch For

Medicine is a big-ticket industry that has a symbiotic relationship with technology. Technology expands exponentially. Every year and a half or so, a new “Moore’s Law” iteration hits. Even though we’re in the 2020s, this …

paracetamol and Alcohol

Is It Dangerous to Use Paracetamol and Alcohol?

Many people take alcohol and paracetamol (chemically known as acetaminophen) without checking if this is safe or has any medical complications. In this article, we’ll discuss whether taking paracetamol and alcohol together is dangerous or …

Medical Cannabis

What are the uses of medical marijuana?

Times have changed. People no longer count on only medicine to cure their ailments and physical discomforts. A considerable section of people today relies on alternative medicine for curing several body pains, aches, and other …