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EU first approved NOAC Xarelto

EU approved the very first NOAC (or novel oral anticoagulant) Xarelto (rivaroxaban) for broad application. With Bayer and Janssen at the helm, Xarelto can now be broadly used for patients suffering from atrial fibrillation (AF)….


Vaccines and Autism: Italy Raises Concern

There’s a rising concern about the potential association between vaccination and autism. Although this correlation has never been confirmed by sufficient clinical evidence, it is a fact that vaccines are neither completely safe nor completely…

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Daraprim now worth more than your life

In one of the most unethical moves of the last few years, the pharmaceutical company Turing is ending the race on cancer and AIDS by killing the very patients who used this medication. The drug…


Breakthrough In Cardiovascular Medicine Treatment

In what is deemed a break through in cardiovascular medicine treatments, the FDA has approved a new drug called Corlanor (ivabradine). Corlanor is designed to reduce hospitalization time caused by the worsening of heart failure…


Invokana’s New FDA Warning

The first FDA warning on Invokana focused on the risk of ketoacidosis, a condition in which high blood acid levels can result in certain serious health circumstances, as stated by the FDA. FDA’s warning issued yesterday…