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dental veneer

Dental Crown vs. Veneer: Which Is Right For Your Teeth?

When it comes to enhancing or repairing front teeth, dental crowns and veneers are the most commonly performed dental procedures. However, veneers and crowns serve different functions.  The choice between crowns and veneers will vary…

Medical Marketing

How can lead distribution software improve medical sales?

Lead distribution software allocates and distributes leads in real-time to the appropriate reps. A good program will integrate with the facility’s CRM and every form used for advertising and marketing funnel. For MedTech and B2B…

creative brain

5 Common Signs You Might Have ADHD

Anyone who has ever struggled to focus or sit still in class, been unable to finish assignments, or forgotten things has probably, at some point, wondered if they had ADHD.  Even though it’s not as…