What To Do After Getting A Dog Bite

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While most dogs give unwavering friendship to their owners and other individuals around them, even the most accommodating pet can snap in certain situations. As a result, a significant number of people are bitten by canines every year. Since such wounds can have significant clinical, lawful, and monetary consequences, you must know about reporting a dog bite in Arizona and dealing with the entire issue.

Even though getting medical attention is paramount to your healing process, after suffering a dog bite, you have to understand that receiving medical treatment is just one aspect of the whole situation. There are still legal issues that you will have to look at in order to protect yourself and possibly others in future from suffering like you.

What To Do After A Dog Bite

First Steps

Knowing what to do after experiencing a canine bite can be very important to your wellbeing. It is also essential to know in case of any legal action you may decide to take after the incident. With that said, the following are some of the first steps you should take after a dog bites you.

Clinical Care

The first and most important thing you should do after suffering a dog bite, is seek medical care. Aside from stitching you up, certain dogs are not immunized against rabies, and their bite can cause you to get the disease. Visiting the doctor will give you the chance to get the necessary treatment. If you want to seek legal remedies after your treatment, take photos of your injuries before they are worked on that can be used in your report.  

Exchange Information

Just like you would do with a motor vehicle accident, you should trade information with the canine’s proprietor or guardian so you can reach them after the incident, and confirm the canine’s inoculation history. This information ought to include the individual’s name, address, and contact data.


Whether you were bitten or someone close to you was the victim, you must get the information of any individual who saw the dog bite incident. This is because any claim made by you will have more validity if there are eyewitness accounts regarding what occurred.  

Animal Control

Filing a report with your local animal control organization will help in preventing any future dog biting incidents. They can also help to resolve your situation.

By following the steps mentioned above after suffering a dog bite, you will protect yourself physically and legally, which is very important.


Reporting A Dog Bite

Besides the steps mentioned above, documentation is vital after a dog bite. First, report any wounds caused by the dog bite, including noticeable ones and any unforeseen effects, like emotional distress, diminished mobility, and the sudden inability to perform certain activities. This documentation can be as photographs, diary sections, clinical records, and eyewitness accounts. Before you embark on the recovery process, make sure that you note down how the bite has affected your life in as much detail as possible.

Since you might also have to deal with an insurance agency when making your claim. It’s a good idea to report any correspondence you may have with others, including observers, animal control officials, and the insurance agency itself. Also, track the costs you may incur because of the dog bite, like medical expenses, lost wages, and travel costs. The more documentation you have concerning the incident, the simpler it will be to evaluate the measure of pay you merit for your wounds.

Reaching A Dog Bite Lawyer

Since canine bites are a common occurrence, there are lawyers with broad experience in handling dog bite protection cases, settlements, and claims. These lawyers are knowledgeable in calculating what the victim should get in terms of financial remuneration. These sums regularly include point-by-point computations for lost pay, potential income, torment and suffering endured, and other costs. They likewise have experience evaluating a customer’s probability for progressing with the case, depending on their state’s laws and the results of similar dog bite cases.


Finally, a dog bite lawyer can help to deal with the other party’s insurance agency and arrange a settlement. The insurance agency plays a major role in getting complainants to accept low settlement offers. A dog bite lawyer is exceptionally acquainted with the strategies used by these insurance agencies and different legal counselors and knows the best routes to take for acquiring a reasonable settlement.