Do Essential Oils Help Get Rid of Bruises?

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A bruise occurs when tiny blood vessels beneath the skin are damaged. And this damage can be caused by a severe injury or by even a small, a little bit harder tapping impact. This breakage of vessels causes the blood to stick on one spot that’s why you experience inflammation, pain, and discoloration on the bruise. There are countless options available to cope with bruises but some of the most effective ones are those which are surely natural ones. One of those natural options is ‘essential oils’. Yes, essential oils possess different skin-helping properties enabling the skin to come to its original condition. And remember that only pure essential oils can bring about the required results, not the oils that are filled with man-made, harsh chemicals. So, let’s find out how essential oils work for getting rid of bruises.

Wound Healing Abilities

No matter if the wound is external or forms beneath the skin as a bruise, it must be healed out. And it requires the body to produce more collagen and fasten tissue repair cycles. Well, Helichrysum and Lemon essential oil can be the game-changer in this regard. Both oils, especially Lemon due to their high Vitamin C content helps speed up collagen production and thus enabling the bruise to heal rapidly. Another one that helps wipe out damaged skin tissues and repair them is Rose Geranium essential oil. Helichrysum essential oil again shows its potential in terms of tissue repair since it contains ‘Diketone’, a chemical component useful for this purpose. Plus, Helichrysum essential oil can help heal wounds due to ‘Arzanol’ present in it.

Inflammation Be Gone

What makes that discolored skin patch more disgusting is its unmatched-to-skin swollen body. Let essential oils help you right away! Rose and Rose Geranium essential oils are considered powerful liquids to kick off inflammation and protect the skin from further possible skin infections. Chamomile essential oil is also one of the best fits when it comes to reducing skin inflammation. This is the only reason why most skin-treatment ointments add this oil to their ingredient lists. Chamomile essential oil contains ‘Azulene’, a chemical constituent fighting off skin inflammation. Clary Sage is another essential oil that holds inflammation-eliminating antioxidants.

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No More Pain

Everything aside for a minute – that minor-touch-induced pain daunts your days and nights. Again, some essential oils can come to the rescue. Eucalyptus essential oil, whether applied topically or diffused, can help lower pain intensity while providing a cooling sensation on the bruised spot. And this is one of the reasons why Eucalyptus essential oil has been utilized in traditional medicine. Rosemary essential oil is also well-renowned for pain relief as it possesses analgesic properties.

Strong Immunity is the Key

Having a sluggish immune system can cause a tough time for bruises to heal up faster. Essential oils can help by providing a better immune response. Eucalyptus essential oil is considered helpful in strengthening the immune system as well as invigorating the body. We can’t miss out on Lemon essential oil in regards to immunity. This oil helps fight off harmful body bacteria and contains useful antioxidants, thus can do wonders for your immune system. The oil may also higher your energy levels making you capable of bearing bruise pain.

Bonus Tip

Sometimes, an unfortunate accident can make you get a bruise on your face. Well, you don’t need to feel embarrassed, essential oils can turn this bad happening into good news for you. Essential oils are believed to be so beneficial for rejuvenating the skin and can add an extra plus to your facial charm. Only a little bit of patience is needed. Choose your favorite one out of the best essential oils for bruises. Take a few drops and dilute with some carrier oil and apply it on your bruise and the entire face. Bruises will disappear but will leave you with a more youthful charm.

For instant and quicker results, try using these essential oils in the form of blends.


Essential oils such as Lemon, Helichrysum, Rosemary, Eucalyptus, and many others are the gift of nature and can help heal haunting bruises. They can also be considered mood-lifters and beneficial for the overall well-being of the skin.