What types of injuries are the subject of personal injury lawsuits?


Accidents happen, and there is often little you can do to prevent being involved in an accident. That said, when a person sustains injuries due to the negligence of another, the victim may have the ability to seek legal recourse. If you or a loved one is harmed in an accident for which you were not at fault, reach out to The Law Offices of Steven H. Heisler to learn more about your rights. 

What is a personal injury lawsuit?

A personal injury lawsuit is a legal action focused on awarding victims for harm brought on by the negligent actions of another party. Accidents form the bulk of personal injury cases, but this is not the only type of incident that can lead to a personal injury claim. 

If a company manufactures or creates a product that is dangerous or potentially harmful, consumers who are harmed by the product may be entitled to damages, which is just a legal term meaning financial compensation. Sometimes, defective products like food items, medical devices, airbags, ignition switches in cars are recalled by companies, but even after that accidents happen which can lead to serious injuries.

For instance, if you were in an auto accident, and your General Motors airbags failed to deploy, leaving you seriously injured. Then GM airbag class action lawsuit will help you to obtain justice and fair compensation.

Another type of personal injury case results from the intentional acts of one individual that bring harm to another. Examples include assault and battery or even something as simple as a practical joke that goes wrong. 

Damages brought about by defamatory statements can also fall under the rules of personal injury. If an individual or business makes damaging statements against you, you might be entitled to compensation for the damage done to your reputation. 

What kinds of injuries can lead to a personal injury lawsuit?

Many different types of injuries can be the subject of a personal injury case. 


Car accidents

Auto accidents are probably the most well-known areas of focus in personal injury lawsuits. When another party causes an accident, you may be eligible for damages to cover your losses. This includes money to repair or replace your vehicle, as well as funding for your medical bills, pain and suffering, or time lost from work. 

Birth injuries

When complications arise during childbirth, the medical team managing your delivery can make mistakes. If a doctor or other medical staff member causes or worsens a birth injury, parents have a right to seek damages. Some birth injuries will permanently alter a child’s ability to develop and function normally, and there could be extensive costs associated with a lifetime of special care. 

Medical malpractice

Doctors are responsible for doing everything in their power to prevent their patients from experiencing harm. While some medical issues are beyond anyone’s control, there are many cases where a doctor or other health professional makes a mistake that could have been prevented or fails to take appropriate action. Medical malpractice suits help victims and families cover the cost of medical bills and ongoing care needs. 

Workplace injuries

Some workplaces are inherently more dangerous than others, but a workplace injury can occur even in settings considered perfectly safe, like an office. If you suffer an injury while on the job, your employer may be held responsible for the conditions leading up to the incident. Workplace injury cases can be complex, so virtually all injuries that occur at work should be discussed with a personal injury attorney. 

Brain injuries

The human brain is a complex and fragile organ, and even minor injuries can cause wide-ranging negative effects. Head trauma can happen at home, at work, or while engaged in athletic practice or play. Even children can experience a brain injury, and the ramifications can last a lifetime. 

Nursing home injuries

Placing a loved one in a residential nursing home is never an easy decision. When a friend or family member is injured while in the care of a nursing home, the victim may be entitled to damages if the injuries were brought on by negligence of caregivers or the facility’s management. 

These are just some examples of injures that can form the basis of a personal injury lawsuit. If you or someone you know sustains an injury due to the actions of another, be sure to take steps to learn if you are entitled to damages.

Not every injury is a good fit for a personal injury case, but far too many people simply accept the outcome of an accident as inevitable and fail to get the financial compensation they deserve. Don’t risk taking on high medical bills and prolonged effects of an injury when there are professionals who can help. 

Sustaining a serious injury due to the negligence of another party is a stressful experience. Not only do you need to address your immediate medical needs, it’s also necessary to think about the long-term ramifications. Don’t navigate this process on your own: reach out to The Law Offices of Steven H. Heisler to share the details of your circumstances and determine if you are eligible for compensation.